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Congratulations on your purchase of a Thermo Scientific 1300 Series Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet Your 1300 Series A2 biological safety. cabinet has been tested and certified in accordance to NSF ANSI 49 and is designed to protect the user the environment and your research from. harmful substances and cross contamination This user s manual provides instructions on how to use the 1300 Series A2 most effectively and safely A. printed copy of this user s manual is available from Technical Services if required. Containment Comfort Convenience, The 1300 Series A2 offers a unique range of product features that will enhance your safety and improve overall operating efficiency Should you have. any questions on using this product or need further explanation of any of it s features please contact Technical Services Page iv or your local. distributor,This manual covers the models shown below. Stainless Steel Interior Coated Interior Size Voltage. 10 inch opening 8 inch opening 10 inch opening 8 inch opening. 1322 1341 1320 1339 3 ft 120V,1323 1342 1321 1340 3 ft 120V. 1345 1305 1355 1325 4 ft 120V,1346 1306 1356 1326 4 ft 230V. 1354 4 ft 230V China,1384 4 ft 230V China,1370 1352 1368 1350 5 ft 120V.
1371 1353 1369 1351 5 ft 120V,1347 1307 1357 1327 6 ft 120V. 1348 1308 1358 1328 6 ft 230V,1359 6 ft 230V China. 1389 6 ft 230V China,1332 1392 1330 1390 3 ft 230V. 1333 1393 1331 1391 3 ft 230V,1375 1335 1385 1395 4 ft 120V. 1376 1336 1386 1396 4 ft 230V,1382 1366 1380 1372 5 ft 230V.
1383 1367 1381 1373 5 ft 230V,1377 1337 1387 1397 6 ft 120V. 1378 1338 1388 1398 6 ft 230V, Includes cabinet adjustable height stand UV light and armrest. MANUAL NUMBER 7021355, 13 41335 12 12 16 Added note to Drain Valve installation on page 2 8 ccs. 12 40525 HD 1941 9 1 16 Noted SmartPort as option ccs. 11 31809 4 6 16 Updated operating hours of the device to filter life meter pg 1 5 ccs. 10 31745 2 25 15 Added GFCI outlet reset instructions ccs. Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 i,Contains Parts and Assemblies. Susceptible to Damage by,Electrostatic Discharge ESD.
Important Read this instruction manual Failure to read understand and follow the instructions in this manual. may result in damage to the unit injury to operating personnel and poor equipment performance s. Caution All internal adjustments and maintenance must be performed by qualified service personnel s. Material in this manual is for information purposes only The contents and the product it describes are subject. to change without notice Thermo Fisher Scientific makes no representations or warranties with respect to this. manual In no event shall Thermo Fisher Scientific be held liable for any damages direct or incidental arising. out of or related to the use of this manual,2011 Thermo Fisher Scientific All rights reserved. ii 1300 Series A2 Thermo Scientific, Important operating and or maintenance instructions Read the accompanying text carefully. Potential electrical hazards Only qualified persons should perform procedures associated with this. Equipment being maintained or serviced must be turned off and locked off to prevent possible injury. Hot surface s present which may cause burns to unprotected skin or to materials which may be. damaged by elevated temperatures, WEEE Compliance Thermo Fisher Scientific has contracted with companies for recycling disposal in. each EU Member State For further information send an email to weee recycle thermofisher com. 4 Always use the proper protective equipment clothing gloves goggles etc. 4 Always dissipate extreme cold or heat and wear protective clothing. 4 Always follow good hygiene practices, 4 Each individual is responsible for his or her own safety. Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 iii,Do You Need Information or Assistance on.
Thermo Scientific Products, If you do please contact us 8 00 a m to 6 00 p m Eastern Time at. 1 740 373 4763 Direct,1 800 438 4851 Toll Free U S and Canada. 1 877 213 8051 FAX, http www thermofisher com Internet Worldwide Web Home Page. service led marietta thermofisher com Tech Support Email Address. www unitylabservices com Certified Service Web Page. Our Sales Support staff can provide information on pricing and give you quotations We can. take your order and provide delivery information on major equipment items or make. arrangements to have your local sales representative contact you Our products are listed on the. Internet and we can be contacted through our Internet home page. Our Service Support staff can supply technical information about proper setup operation or. troubleshooting of your equipment We can fill your needs for spare or replacement parts or. provide you with on site service We can also provide you with a quotation on our Extended. Warranty for your Thermo Scientific products, Whatever Thermo Scientific products you need or use we will be happy to discuss your. applications If you are experiencing technical problems working together we will help you. locate the problem and chances are correct it yourself over the telephone without a service. When more extensive service is necessary we will assist you with direct factory trained. technicians or a qualified service organization for on the spot repair If your service need is. covered by the warranty we will arrange for the unit to be repaired at our expense and to your. satisfaction, Regardless of your needs our professional telephone technicians are available to assist you.
Monday through Friday from 8 00 a m to 6 00 p m Eastern Time Please contact us by. telephone or fax If you wish to write our mailing address is. Thermo Fisher Scientific Asheville LLC,401 Millcreek Road Box 649. Marietta OH 45750, International customers please contact your local Thermo Scientific distributor. iv 1300 Series A2 Thermo Scientific,Table of Contents. Section 1 Description 1 1,Safety Systems 1 2,Paper Catch Grids 1 4. HEPA Filters 1 4,Control Panel 1 5,Use of the Window 1 6.
Unit Interface 1 8,Chamber Lighting 1 9,UV Lights 1 10. Work Area 1 10,Section 2 Installation 2 1,Optional Exhaust Transition 2 2. Exhaust System Accessories 2 2,Moving the Unit 2 4. Service Valve Connections 2 5,Universal Piping Connections 2 7. SmartPort 2 8,Drain Valve 2 8,Section 3 Start Up 3 1.
Assemble the Stand 3 1,Level the Cabinet 3 3,Unlock Counterweight 3 3. Power Connection 3 4,Installation Tests 3 5,Locating a Certifier 3 6. Section 4 Operation 4 1,Unit Start Up 4 3,Operating Modes 4 3. Loading the Chamber 4 4,Working Recommendations 4 5. Error Codes 4 5,Unit Disposal 4 7,Unit Shut down 4 7.
Procedure Interrupt 4 7,Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 v. Table of Contents,Section 5 Cleaning Decontamination 5 1. Care and Cleaning of Stainless Steel 5 1,Cleaning and Caring for Coated Surfaces 5 2. Disinfection 5 3,Rinsing 5 3,UV Disinfection After Cleaning 5 3. Change the UV Disinfection Time 5 4,Microbiological Space Decontamination 5 4.
Clean Exterior Surfaces 5 5,Clean Window 5 5,Clean the Drain Pan 5 5. Clean the Paper Catch Grid 5 6,Section 6 Maintenance 6 1. Service 6 2,Optional UV Lights 6 2,Sample Chamber Lights 6 2. Unit Disposal 6 3,Replacements and Repairs 6 3,Section 7 Specifications 7 1. Section 8 Certification Testing 8 1,Classification of the Safety Cabinet 8 1.
Test Terms 8 1,Testing 8 2,Testing Information 8 3. Test Equipment 8 3,HEPA Filter Leak Test 8 9,Filters that cannot be Accessed or Scanned 8 9. Filters that can be Accessed and Scanned 8 9,Site Installation Assessment Tests 8 10. Elect Leakage Ground Resistance Polarity Tests 8 10. Airflow Pattern Test 8 10,Section 9 Data Log Warranty 9 1. vi 1300 Series A2 Thermo Scientific,Section 1 Description.
Connection,Fuseholders 2,Exhaust opening,Power cord. Exhaust blower Electrical enclosure,Downflow blower Plenum. Light dome,access panel,Control panel,Accessory Handle. outlets Front window,Smart Port,Service valve,Supply access ports. Stand optional,Work Service,tray valve,Armrest Exhaust.
Figure 1 1 Unit Components, The Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 offers innovative SmartFlow. technology an automatic airflow compensation system that adjusts motor. speed as filters load without the use of a manual damper The. SmartFlow system ensures safe working conditions even between annual. certifications, The plenum assembly consists of a plenum for the downflow blower and a. plenum for the exhaust air blower Each blower includes a filter The. exhaust air is discharged through an opening in the top of the cabinet. Chamber lighting includes one fluorescent bulb for 4 foot models and two. for 3 5 6 foot models, The optional factory installed UV light is installed in the ceiling at the. front of the sample chamber,Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 1 1. Description, Three service valve access ports are located on each side panel When.
installing service valves remove the center of the port plugs at the. perforations, The optional stand may be ordered in two configurations a manually. adjustable from 30 to 38 working height and a fixed 34 working. height with attached casters, A stainless steel one piece work surface is standard Optional armrests. ensure a comfortable working position for the user and minimize. blockage of airflow at the front grille, Internal outlets provided as the power source for accessories are provided. standard in the following configuration, 1305 1307 1320 1321 1322 1323 1325 1327 1335 1337 1339. 1340 1341 1342 1345 1347 1350 1351 1352 1353 1355 1357. 1368 1369 1370 1371 1375 1377 1385 1387 1395 1397 two. duplex right and left side, 1306 1308 1326 1328 1330 1331 1332 1333 1336 1338 1346.
1348 1358 1359 1366 1367 1372 1373 1376 1378 1380 1381. 1382 1383 1388 1389 1390 1391 1392 1393 1396 1398 two. single right and left side, Test hoses aerosol challenge ports are located under the work tray The. supply plenum hose is located on the left and the exhaust plenum hose on. Note Do not remove the caps of the two test hoses to check for supply. and exhaust airflow s,Safety Systems Negative pressure air system. A negative pressure air system combines with HEPA filters in the sup. ply and exhaust airflow for personnel and product protection. Personnel protection, Inflow air along the entire working opening at a constant high velocity. prevents leakage from the work opening of the chamber. Exterior air pressure being higher than the internal air pressure creates. negative pressure ensuring containment in case of cabinet leakage. Product protection, Steady airflow within the air system ensures constant downflow allow. ing the HEPA filters to remove contaminants so that the samples are. always surrounded by ultra pure air Harmful particles are not carried. over the sample chamber protection from cross contamination. 1 2 1300 Series A2 Thermo Scientific,Description,Safety Systems HEPA filters.
continued The downflow air within the chamber and the exhaust air are cleaned by. HEPA filters,Safety lockout, To protect from UV radiation the optional UV light will not turn on if. the front window is open While the UV light is on the front window. should remain closed The closed window blocks out the UV rays. Opening the window will cause the UV light to turn off. Digital Airflow Verification DAVe, Independent monitoring of inflow and downflow air velocities guaran. tees that product and personnel protection remain uncompromised. Airflow monitoring determines the velocity of the airflow in the sample. chamber as well as the inflow velocity of air through the exhaust open. ing As soon as airflow velocities rise above or fall below a specified safe. ty value an audible and a visual alarm is activated. Window position monitoring, The position sensors detect the size of the front window opening and. indicate whether the window is open to the specified work position. closed energy saving or in an unsafe intermediate position. SmartFlow Indicator, The SmartFlow Indicator provides assurance that the inflow is balanced. properly SmartFlow monitors the advanced motor technology adjusting. airflows even as the filter resistances change due to loading or other. influences The SmartFlow Indicator visually demonstrates the cabinet s. ability to compensate to maintain personnel protection Green indicators. show the fan and filters have power and capacity in reserve to respond to. additional demands Yellow or red indicators show that while the cabinet. is providing personnel and product protection maintenance should be. scheduled to restore the compensation reserve,Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 1 3.
Description, HEPA Filters The filter system consists of two HEPA filters for downflow supply and. exhaust air, Room air is drawn into the sample chamber through the work position. window opening The room air is drawn into the negative pressure drain. pan air duct then,pulled into the air Ultrapure air. plenum in the top,portion of the cabinet,The room air is mixed Exhaust air filter. with recirculating,HEPA filtered air from Exhaust blower.
the chamber and,filtered proportionally,Supply blower. by the downflow and,exhaust filters The Supply filter. 1300 Series A2 i This manual covers the models shown below Dear User Congratulations on your purchase of a Thermo Scientific 1300 Series Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet Your 1300 Series A2 biological safety cabinet has been tested and certified in accordance to NSF ANSI 49 and is designed to protect the user the environment and your research from harmful substances and cross

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