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1 23 09 When you see the pictures of babies wearing the. designer hats made by you your heart will melt , I am truly excited about this project and I thank. you again for all your hard work in support of, BABY LOVE YOU are the BEST . Blessings Joan, 2 6 09,Many Angels are visiting BABY LOVE Most of. you know we are making hats and receiving blan ,kets for new born babies at San Francisco Gener . al Hospital Of the 140 births a month our goal is,to send 40 which represent the poorest of the.
poor home wrapped in originals from our Grace,Church family and friends We can do this within. a reasonable time schedule for us , We just had a baby yarn shower thanks to Mi IMPORTANT DATE MARCH 1st . chele Laurence of Muse Yarn Arts who donated FATHER MAC WILL BLESS HATS . 145 balls of yarn That will make about 290 hats Remember to bring finished hats in before . Knitters will love working with this soft yarn using. our pattern with 8 needles It s FREE and avail You know we are knitting hats for the neediest. able after both services on Sunday for you to take newborns from San Francisco General Hospital . home Take a ball and return 2 hats its quick Well if anyone has visited the Mission District. easy and fun I will get yarn to you if you are not lately they will see the one and two month olds. at either service Please call me 707 967 9966 wearing designer hats knitted by our Grace family. and friends People smile when they look at these, Michele also donated a handsome knitted quilt for little angels wearing hats made by you WE ARE. a new angel She will distribute our brochures in TOUCHING MANY . her store on 1309 Main St SH and encourage her A special thanks for the extra support BABY. clients to knit for our babies Thank you Michele LOVE received recently from some dedicated. Aunts and Uncles ,Patty Vasconi of Vasconi s Drugs gave us gener . ous bottles of shampoo and conditioner for the Lisa Marie designed and made the beautiful. new moms Thank you Patty BABY LOVE POSTER It tells the story in a dra . matic way You don t want to miss it The poster is. Another big angel dropped right down from heav in the rectory . en A little over 3 weeks ago I met Adele Martin , aka Anti Deli from Calistoga After hearing about Carol Sanderlin has been teaching us how to.
BABY LOVE she offered to knit some hats We make pom poms for the hats after the 10 00am. met at Safeway parking lot recently and she gave service The hats she makes are beautiful . me 19 hats yes 19 Thank you Anti Deli I gave, her some free yarn to knit more Anne Offord is buying little sleepers and color co . ordinating her knitted hats with the sleepers De 12noon to see all our gifts of love to these new. signer Angels Every week she s brings some baby angels This spectacular collection of one. of a kind designer hats made by the outstand , Jennifer Crosson House Manager Lincoln The ing team of family and friends of Grace Church is. ater has made 10 hats and has many more in her something you don t want to miss I am grateful. basket Her friend Bobbie Samuels from Sacra to The Team for their hard work along with the. mento sent along 10 hats The news is spreading many hours and materials they are donating to. about the BABY LOVE PROJECT this project , BABY LOVE is starting to have a social life Do you remember on Inauguration Day BABY. Kerry Forbes invited us to set up a table at the LOVE was at the Cameo Theater Well an ex . Cameo Theater on Inauguration day and we tra special angel Lydia M Money signed up Her. signed up many knitters We also had a great goal to make 25 hats has been reached along. seat for the festivities Kerry and James invited us with 3 sweater sets She kindly gave Erika Trez. to share a table at the BALL BASH at night and a knitting lesson after the 8am service Lydia is. we had a ball Robin Krill helped BABY LOVE another present from the HOLY SPIRIT . by mingling with people at the buffet line talking. about our project and sending many people over Thanks to Barbie Moller for putting me in touch. to sign up for a free ball of yarn and return 2 with Rianda House Their knitting club decided to. hats A long day but a fun and productive one knit for a cause and sent along 11 hats They. will continue to support our ministry , Our youngest knitter is Lindsey Krill 10 who works. on her hat at the Ten 0 clock service Her hat is Pierrette Simpson of Vineyard Valley and Julie. beautiful She is a great example for our children Bolander SH were drawn to BABY LOVE by in . and grandchildren to follow Good job Lindsey formation from others Our communication has. been by phone and with that Julie has sent 21, i am thrilled with the progress of this project Your beautiful hats Pierrette dropped a bundle at my.
commitment encouragement and your compas door containing hats knitted blankets and pat . sionate heart have made this project accelerate terns The Holy Spirit has touched their heart . rapidly We started a couple of months ago and Joanne Sales consistently creates absolutely. we are well on our way to over a hundred hats beautiful hats She is an excellent knitter . YOU ARE AWESOME , My dear friend Kathy Robinson a cancer sur . LOVE is the greatest gift we can give to each oth vivor who lives in Mission Viejo sent 17 crochet. er BABY LOVE LOVES YOU hats and has another bag full on the way . Blessings Joan Rocha, It just keeps raining hats of love Its been like. Christmas every week and I get to take home, the presents I am the lucky one We are pre . 2 20 09 paring for Baby Delivery during March I am so. excited , SUNDAY MARCH 1 2009, BABY LOVE HATS YOU ARE INVITED You will get some AMAZING statistics shortly We. have some great plans for the future Remember, At the 8 00 am service Father Mac will bless the with each stitch YOU hug your own angel who.
MOSES BASKET full of hats that YOU knit for will hug YOU back SO please keep on kitting. the neediest newborns of San Francisco General This is an on going ministry Thanks More later. Hospital Right now we have giving over 175 hats,to the babies See YOU at the HAT SHOW. on Sunday March 1st 9am to noon , I invite you to stop by Bourne Hall from 9am to Blessings Joan Rocha. On a small table in front of the altar two hundred. ninety one hats 291 hugged together as they, received the blessing All colors blue yellow . pink green lilac white and vibrant multi were, displayed in many sizes and patterns All of them. unique as the special baby who will wear one , Louise DiMattio RN Nurse Manager Birth Center.
at San Francisco General Hospital spoke of the, hardships that face mothers and babies in our. target group which is the neediest newborns ,3 6 09. WOW WHAT A DAY , After the blessing we put ALL of our donations. on 5 tables in Bourne Hall for all to admire , The knitters were busy checking out new pat . terns while others admired blankets sweaters , sleepers socks and booties A total of three hun .
dred sixty 360 items were sent today from the, FAMILY of Grace Church Baby Love Ministry Be. proud of yourself , Some special moments Olivia Andersen brought. The Hat Blessing on March 1st by Fr Mac fo , 3 of her dolls to help model hats one wore a Julia. cused on prayers for the lives of the newborn, Capener Frog blankets made by Christine Olivo. babies His familiar phrase thanking God for the, that every one admired Diane Le Blanc lugging.
day when their little feet hit the planet is a spe . in a big bag of toiletries for the moms and Lind . cial personal blessing from him that he has given, sey Krill clutching her knitting in progress asking. to many of us , for white yarn to finish her hat I have some neat. new yarn donated by Lydia Money so knitters call, me as this is an ongoing project and with that I. know many of you are continuing to knit , As for me I started recruiting new knitters on. Sunday night and will get more on the team as, the days go on This is so much fun and I look.
forward to visiting SFGH to see some of our new, angels . 3 20 09, The MOSES BASKET is at the Rectory waiting for. your hats blankets and love Please keep knitting . Big things are coming up soon stayed tuned , Special thanks to Debra Rocha of Irvine who. donated 500 BABY LOVE cards Extra special, thanks to Pierrette Simpson and Vera Pesatana. of Vineyard Valley and Debra who helped me at , tach cards to each hat at the last minute BABY.
LOVE LOVES YOU , Do you remember at the Hat Blessing when Fr . Mac also blessed the knitter who made each, stitch well since November 22 2008 to March 1 . 2009 the knitting team has knit OVER ONE MIL , LION stitches Each knitter has EARNED her own. special blessing We started with 1 knitter we, now have a team of 28 The ELITE GROUP of. 4 have each made 30 or more hats The CORE, GROUP of 6 have each made 20 or more hats .
The REGULAR group of 18 have each made, 1 19 hats TOTAL items delivered as of March. 1 2009 is 521 Of this amount 351 were knitted, hats and 169 were other items They all went to. San Francisco General Hospital from the BABY, LOVE MINISTRY . YOU have lifted BABY LOVE MINISTRY up with IT IS AN HONOR FOR ME TO WORK WITH. love and prayers Like in Sundays First Reading SUCH DEDICATED PEOPLE MY HEART. 1 CORINTHIANS 13 1 13 And now faith hope THANKS EACH ONE OF YOU . and love abide these three and the greatest of Althea Anne Auntie Delly Audrey Ann Anne. these is love BABY LOVE LOVES YOU MY Marie Barbara Beth Bobbie Barbie Carol Car . HEART THANKS EACH ONE OF YOU olyn Christine Chris Dorothy Doris Debra De . Blessings Joan Rocha nise Erika Geng Helen Jennifer Joan Joanne . Julie Julia Joan James Kerry Kathy Karen , Lindsey Lydia Louise Lori Lisa Marie Maria . Marilyn Michele Mariann Melissa Paula Pier , rette Pattie Peggy Olivia Robin Shirley Sara ters and presently one devoted blanket maker .
Sandy Suzanne Sande Sheila Terry Ursula Friends from Calistoga St Helena Angwin Ri . Vera Fr Mac anda House Vineyard Valley Yountville Napa . Folsom San Jose Mission Viejo Lake Forest , Irvine San Rafael Fairfield Tacoma WA Rhode. Island and Ohio all have contributed to our min , istry and are carrying the babies I thank each. one of you , On June 15th Fr Mac Robin Krill and me met. in my garage where Fr Mac blessed all the hats , blankets totes booties balls of yarn gifts WELL. just about everything stored for Baby Love As we, held hands and Mac prayed in that special unique.
style we all know and love I felt the presence of. the Holy Spirit beside us Mac raised his hand and. sprinkled holy water from the River Jordan on all. GOD will praise each one of them 1 Corinthians our gifts . 4 5 says Not the best of them nor a few of, them but God will praise each one of them WHAT A START FOR OUR NEW ANGELS . GOD himself will praise his children And what s Robin my daughter whose birthday it was that. more the praise is personal Awards aren t given day also received a special blessing from Mac . a nation at a time a church at a time or a gen I couldn t help thinking that 47 years ago I had. eration at a time The crowns are given one at this baby girl and now I was being blessed as a. a time God himself will look you in the eye and surrogate grandmother to hundreds of babies My. bless you with the words WELL DONE GOOD heart was bursting with joy . AND FAITHFUL SERVANT Matthew 25 23 The blessing site was not as elegant as our beau . tiful Grace Church but this one had an extra spe . Blessings, cial meaning to me ,Joan Rocha BABY LOVE Coordinator. On June 22nd I drove to Vallejo and lugging two, suitcases boarded a ferry hailed a cab and de . livered 200 hats and blankets to the birth center. at San Francisco General Hospital I was met by, a group of nurses with beautiful smiles who ush . ered me to the office of Louise DiMattio Nurse, Manager It was very busy on the floor with 22.
patients and 11 nurses I felt like Santa Claus, opening up my bag of hats blankets and totes I. spread everything out for all to see Three nurses. immediately took gifts for moms and babies who, were going home that day One of the nurses a. knitter asked me to select a hat because they, are so beautiful its hard to pick one I took a set. 7 9 09 to the nursery gave it to a new mom and she put. our gift on her baby boy who was one day old I, God has blessed the Baby Love Ministry with an then organized all our gifts by color placed them. abundance We thank HIM Support has come in boxes and put them in Louise s office for distri . from many people bution The SFGH staff told me how nice it was to. receive fresh stock as they were completely out , In addition to a few dedicated Grace Family knit Got a ride back to the city took the ferry back to.
Vallejo and drove home WHAT A DAY ,It is worth all the effort everyone puts into the. project New moms are happy new babies coo ,ing wrapped in our love and prayers nurses ex . cited with new things to give out Louise is grate . ful and YOU experiencing the joy of giving from, your heart and with that the results of your love . Me I am honored to represent you and connect,with each person that our ministry touches We. are all doing GODS EARTHWORK I love it ,Future plans are for a big delivery for the first.
Thanks to Barbie Moller for putting me in touch with Rianda House Their knitting club decided to knit for a cause and sent along 11 hats They will continue to support our ministry Pierrette Simpson of Vineyard Valley and Julie Bolander SH were drawn to BABY LOVE by in formation from others Our communication has

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