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P R E S S R E A D Y I N K S, 06 07 Oilbased Litho Inks 11 Solventbased Roto Inks. METAPRINT Lithoshine METAPRINT Rotolux,METAPRINT Lithobright METAPRINT Rotobright. METAPRINT Lithogloss 12 13 UV Litho Inks,METAPRINT Lithoweb METAPRINT Lithobright UV. 08 09 Waterbased Flexo Inks METAPRINT Lithogloss UV. METAPRINT Flexobright aqua METAPRINT Litholux UV,METAPRINT Flexogloss aqua 14 15 UV Flexo Inks. 10 Waterbased Flexo Inks METAPRINT Flexobright UV,METAPRINT Flexofilm aqua METAPRINT Flexogloss UV.
Waterbased Roto Inks METAPRINT FlexoCare UV,METAPRINT Rotobright aqua METAPRINT Flexolux UV. Metallics P R E S S R E A D Y I N K S,Schlenk Metallic Pigments Brilliance in Print. Company Background, SCHLENK is a family owned company founded Today the SCHLENK group has around 950 employees. in 1879 by Carl Schlenk and still actively led by worldwide and production sites in Germany 4. the fourth generation Czech Republic Slovenia USA and China. The company has outstanding experience and A technology driven company dedicated to innovation. know how in the manufacture of metallic and continuous product improvement. pigments and press ready inks,Our highly skilled Research and Development teams. ensure that SCHLENK stays at the forefront of,metallic pigment and printing ink technology.
World class metallic pigments are now available to. ink makers in the form of ready made metallic inks. A P P L I C A T I O N S, The comprehensive range of inks is tailored to meet. the ever increasing demands of the print community. Our mission is to exceed customers expectations,through technical excellence and devotion to. outstanding customer service,Schlenk Metallic Pigments Brilliance in Print. METAPRINT Lithoshine inks are a cost effective METAPRINT Ink Lithoshine Lithobright Lithogloss. range of inks Based on high quality pigments they, are designed to give robust and flexible print Rich Gold 111 01 103 01 112 01. performance with superior metallic brilliance,Standard Shades.
Rich Pale Gold 111 02 103 02 112 02,METAPRINT Lithoshine inks are quick setting and. have excellent stability Available in Standard and Pale Gold 111 03 103 03 112 03. PANTONE shades Copper 112 05, METAPRINT Lithobright inks are designed to Silver 111 07 103 07 112 07. give optimal metallic brilliance in offset printing M E TA P R I N T. Silver n l 112 08,This is achieved through advanced pigment classi. PANTONE 871 Gold 111 71 103 71 112 71, fication techniques giving very narrow particle size. distribution PANTONE 872 Gold 111 72 103 72 112 72. PANTONE Shades,When combined with Schlenk s innovative varnish.
PANTONE 873 Gold 111 73 103 73 112 73,technology METAPRINT Lithobright inks deliver. outstanding lithographic performance across a very PANTONE 874 Gold 111 74 103 74 112 74. broad spectrum of printing conditions METAPRINT PANTONE 875 Gold 111 75 103 75 112 75. Lithobright is the supreme high brilliance offset, metallic ink Available in Standard and PANTONE PANTONE 876 Gold 111 76 103 76 112 76. shades PANTONE 877 Silver 111 77 103 77 112 77,METAPRINT Lithogloss inks have been developed 2. to deliver the highest gloss and ultimate print perfor METAPRINT Ink Lithoweb. mance on the latest high speed printing presses Series. Ultra fine highly classified bronze powders in combi Rich Gold 142 01. Standard Shades,nation with outstanding varnish systems provide. a range of inks that are the first choice for high speed Rich Pale Gold 142 02. printing Available in Standard and PANTONE shades Pale Gold 142 03. Silver 142 07,PANTONE 871 Gold 142 71,METAPRINT Lithoweb heatset inks are formulated.
PANTONE 872 Gold 142 72,PANTONE Shades,to meet the demands of the ever increasing press. speeds of the latest generation Web Offset Heatset PANTONE 873 Gold 142 73. presses PANTONE 874 Gold 142 74, Extremely fine metallic pigments are selected to give. maximum high speed transfer and gloss whilst the PANTONE 875 Gold 142 75. vehicle system confers outstanding lithographic PANTONE 876 Gold 142 76. performance excellent press stability and rapid heat. drying Available in Standard and PANTONE shades PANTONE 877 Silver 142 77. World of Metallics 7,Schlenk Metallic Pigments Brilliance in Print. METAPRINT Ink Flexobright Flexogloss,Series aqua aqua. Rich Gold 333 01 332 01,Rich Pale Gold 333 02 332 02.
Standard Shades,Pale Gold 333 03 332 03,Copper 333 05. Silver 333 07 332 07,M E T A P R I N T Silver n l 333 08 332 08. Waterbased,PANTONE 871 Gold 333 71 332 71,PANTONE 872 Gold 333 72 332 72. PANTONE Shades,PANTONE 873 Gold 333 73 332 73,PANTONE 874 Gold 333 74 332 74. METAPRINT Flexobright aqua PANTONE 875 Gold 333 75 332 75. A premium water based metallic flexo ink, series for use on coated paper and board PANTONE 876 Gold 333 76 332 76.
substrates Exceptional metallic brilliance PANTONE 877 Silver 333 77 332 77. for both gold and silver effects and excellent,print performance give high quality metallic. METAPRINT Flexogloss aqua Metallic,water based flexo inks designed for use on a. wide variety of paper and board including,uncoated and other absorbent substrates. By using small particle size high quality,metallic pigments METAPRINT Flexogloss. aqua inks will give high coverage print,results even when using fine anilox rollers.
Wor l d of Meta lli cs,Schlenk Metallic Pigments Brilliance in Print. M E T A P R I N T M E TA P R I N T,Waterbased Solventbased. Flexo Roto Roto,METAPRINT Rotolux Metallic inks based on Decomet. vacuum metallized pigment technology METAPRINT, Rotolux inks have been developed to achieve outstanding. mirror like silver and polychromatic effects on high gloss. paper and plastic films The use of METAPRINT Rotolux. inks will allow the replacement of expensive metallized. substrates or foil stamping with a printed foil effect. METAPRINT Rotobright these non leafing silver dollar. inks use ultra thin pigments to achieve high lustre silver. effects The inks have been developed to combine excellent. high speed gravure print performance with optimum, metallic appearance on high gloss paper and plastic.
substrates,METAPRINT Ink Flexofilm Rotobright, World of Series aqua aqua METAPRINT Ink Rotolux Rotobright. Rich Gold 353 01 533 01,Metallics Silver 505 09 503 07. Standard Shades,Rich Pale Gold 353 02 533 02,Standard Shades. Silver 505 19 503 17,Pale Gold 353 03 533 03,Silver 505 29 503 27. METAPRINT Flexofilm aqua Suitable for Copper 353 05. Silver 505 39, printing on plastic substrates such as PE and PP Silver 353 07 533 07.
METAPRINT Flexofilm aqua will give superior, printability combined with excellent adhesion Silver n l 353 08. and water resistance PANTONE 871 Gold 353 71,PANTONE 872 Gold 353 72. METAPRINT Rotobright aqua is a premium,PANTONE Shades. waterbased metallic gravure ink series PANTONE 873 Gold 353 73. designed for printing on coated papers labels PANTONE 874 Gold 353 74. cardboards and packaging materials Best, results can be achieved on glossy paper due to PANTONE 875 Gold 353 75. the pigment size and good orientation of the PANTONE 876 Gold 353 76. pigments METAPRINT Rotobright aqua stands, for outstanding brilliance and good coverage PANTONE 877 Silver 353 77.
Schlenk Metallic Pigments Brilliance in Print,World of Metallics. M E T A P R I N T,METAPRINT Ink Lithobright Lithogloss Litholux. Series UV UV UV, METAPRINT Lithobright UV Superb lithographic METAPRINT Lithogloss UV inks provide high. Rich Gold 183 01 182 01,Standard Shades, performance and exceptional metallic brilliance are print density with very good metallic brilliance. the major features of this range of inks Designed for Formulated with optimized water balance and Rich Pale Gold 183 02 182 02. sheetfed offset printing on paper and board these distribution properties that deliver excellent press. inks have been formulated to give excellent storage performance METAPRINT Lithogloss UV metallic Pale Gold 183 03 182 03. stability and print performance Lithobright UV inks inks are highly versatile and suitable for a wide variety Silver 183 07 182 07 185 09. also have exceptional cure speed Available in Standard of applications and print designs including fine type. PANTONE 871 Gold 183 71 182 71, and PANTONE shades and solids on coated and uncoated paper and board.
and many treated plastic substrates PANTONE 872 Gold 183 72 182 72. PANTONE Shades, METAPRINT Litholux UV inks are based on PANTONE 873 Gold 183 73 182 73. Decomet vacuum metallized pigment technology PANTONE 874 Gold 183 74 182 74. METAPRINT Litholux UV inks deliver foil like effects. in UV sheetfed applications Cost effective foil PANTONE 875 Gold 183 75 182 75. replacement effects are achieved on gloss paper PANTONE 876 Gold 183 76 182 76. Suitable for labels cartons and any job where there is. a need to replace high cost foiling effects PANTONE 877 Silver 183 77 182 77. Schlenk Metallic Pigments Brilliance in Print, METAPRINT Ink Flexobright Flexogloss FlexoCare Flexolux. Series UV UV UV UV,METAPRINT Flexobright UV Premium UV. curing flexographic metallic ink series with Rich Gold 383 01 382 01 372 01. Standard Shades, exceptional metallic brilliance for high quality results. Rich Pale Gold 383 02 382 02 372 02, on coated paper and board METAPRINT Flexobright UV.
inks are fast curing and have excellent print perfor Pale Gold 383 03 382 03 372 03. mance Available in Standard and PANTONE shades,Silver 383 07 382 07 372 07 385 09. METAPRINT Flexogloss UV UV curing flexo ink PANTONE 871 Gold 383 71 382 71 372 71. series giving highest coverage and gloss with PANTONE 872 Gold 383 72 382 72 372 72. PANTONE Shades, outstanding printability when using fine anilox rollers. METAPRINT Flexogloss UV inks have excellent cure PANTONE 873 Gold 383 73 382 73 372 73. speeds and good metallic brilliance Available in PANTONE 874 Gold 383 74 382 74 372 74. Standard and PANTONE shades,PANTONE 875 Gold 383 75 382 75 372 75. PANTONE 876 Gold 383 76 382 76 372 76, M E T A P R I N T PANTONE 877 Silver 383 77 382 77 372 77. METAPRINT FlexoCare UV is the new press ready, metallic UV ink formulated with selected raw materials.
and in compliance with the respective legal and, regulatory specifications for high end low migration. flexographic printing applications,METAPRINT FlexoCare UV ink series offers high. metallic brilliance very good coverage capacity and. excellent printability Available in Standard and,PANTONE shades. METAPRINT Flexolux UV this is a UV based flexo,printing ink based on Decomet. METAPRINT Flexolux UV printing inks produce a, highly reflective appearance The best results can be.
TEL 49 9171 808 0 TEL 1 508 881 9147 TEL 86 21 5774 9910. FAX 49 9171 808 200 FAX 1 508 881 1278 FAX 86 21 5774 9920. E MAIL printings schlenk de E MAIL steve clark schlenkusa com MOBIL 86 1391 7029982. E MAIL info schlenk com,ITALY MALAYSIA,PIGMENTI METALLICI SRL 47600 SUBANG JAYA. VIALE LEONARDO DA VINCI 97 SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN, I 20090 TREZZANO SUL NAVIGLIO MI TEL 603 8024 5322 EXT 12. TEL 39 02 48 40 58 43 FAX 603 8024 5366, FAX 39 02 48 40 80 21 E MAIL SoonChong Tan schlenk de. E MAIL p levaggi schlenk it, In view of their policy of continuous improvement the company reserves the right to change the specification and design Data in this publication is based on careful investigations and is intended for. information only All information shall be not binding shall carry no warranty as to certain ingredients as to the fitness for a special purpose as to the merchantability or as to industrial property. rights of third parties Any and all users are obliged to carry out tests on their own authority as well as to check the suitability and the danger of the respective product for a particular application. Schlenk shares no liability hereof and as to the exactness and completeness of the data We apply our General Sales Conditions to be found on www schlenk com. Printed in Germany CS 04 15, Headquarters and facilities for press ready inks and gold bronze metallic pigments in Barnsdorf Roth and Rothenbruck Germany.
PANTONE Shades Schlenk Metallic Pigments Brilliance in Print 14 15 World of Metallics METAPRINT Flexobright UV Premium UV curing flexographic metallic ink series with exceptional metallic brilliance for high quality results on coated paper and board METAPRINT Flexobright UV inks are fast curing and have excellent print perfor mance Available in Standard and PANTONE shades

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