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F r o m t h e D e s k o f,The Bandon Light t h e D i r e c t o r. A publication of the,2016 can you believe it time does go by way too. Bandon Historical Society, fast I still have trouble remembering to write the. Design and Layout,new year 2015 was one of those years I won t. Trish Conyers,ever forget I hope it was a good year for you and.
Bandon Historical Society Museum that you will have a happy and healthy 2016. Judy Schultz Knox,Executive Director Judy Knox, Staff Eileen Scott Bandon weather has returned in full force lots of rain bad wind. Native American Consultant Reg Pullen, storms massive waves floods slides on our highways and. Board of Directors destruction Even with all this we should be grateful we are not living. President Jim Proehl on the east coast or in the Midwest. Vice President Mary Schamehorn,Secretary Faye Albertson. Treasurer Nancy Murphy The museum visitor count for 2014 was 4040 and for 2015 it was. 3875 If you were not able to visit recently please try this year We. Board Members,will be happy to see you,Dean Conyers Kathy Dornath. Betty Hiley Donna Mason, We always hope each year will be better than the last We strive to.
Reg Pullen Brian Vick, improve the museum daily and we all work hard on exhibits displays. Nominating Committee gift shop sales scanning old photographs volunteering manning the. Doreen Colbert Donna Mason Jim Proehl, reception desk putting together the museum s newsletter writing. The Board members meet the 4th Tuesday of grants for special displays or needs in the museum and so many. each month at 4 pm at the Museum All, other projects that help keep our doors open 6 and 7 days a week. members and guests are welcome to attend, Bandon s history is depicted in the pride we try to show all of. Bandon as well as our visitors We are proud of what we have. accomplished with your help, Bandon Historical Society Special thanks to our financial contributors and donors This of.
PO Box 737,Bandon Oregon 97411, course is another big reason we are where we are today Member. Phone Fax 541 347 2164 ships memorials gift shop sales grocery receipts from Price n Pride. E mail and Ray s Food Place are all vital to our existence We will always. bandonhistoricalmuseum yahoo com,need you and the support you have given us. www bandonhistoricalmuseum org, I especially want to thank Dean Conyers for his leadership as. If you have an interest in Bandon s history and, president in 2015 The museum is indebted to members of the. would like to help preserve our past for future, generations call us we need you The Museum is community who like Dean are very involved in activities in the area.
OPEN Monday through Saturday 10 4 pm June but still manage to find time to give to the museum. through September we are open 7 days a week,The Museum closes for the month of January Our. volunteers are waiting to help you and answer your Jim Proehl is now the museum president and we welcome. questions about Bandon s history Reg Pullen as the newest member of the board of directors The hard. Enjoy Bandon s rich and wonderful history work of our board of directors present and past the staff and our. 270 Fillmore Hwy 101 volunteers are why this museum is a success Enjoying what we do. at the only stop light downtown has paid off We are on the map and an asset to the community and. Coos County Continued On Page 5,Radiola 60 Restoration. A historical object in the Bandon Museum has taken After grain filling Mohawk medium brown walnut. on new life thanks to the work of museum volunteer Ultra Classic toner was used to tone the cabinet. Bob Coraor who has restored the museum s Radiola and Van Dyke Brown toner was used for the trim. 60 radio Multiple coats of Deft gloss spray lacquer were the. Bob donated his time and the materials for the final clear coat followed by rub out with 4F pumice. restoration The objective was to restore the rottenstone and paste wax finish. electronics to working order for on going play during The speaker s grill cloth was extremely fragile and. museum hours and to modify the radio cabinet and was torn in the circle around the edge of the speaker. speaker s appearance to more closely resemble the cone Since the objective was to play the radio on a. radio when it was new regular basis this cloth would not hold up over the. The radio came to the museum via the Coos long term and a reproduction replacement was. History Museum which had a surplus of older radios purchased and installed. The radio has no specific connection to Bandon The frame of the speaker was made with a material. The museum took the radio s history into that was called repwood which was a mixture of. consideration in agreeing to have it restored said sawdust and glue that was molded into the desired. President Jim Proehl For example we would not shape The frame was cleaned with damp cotton. clean up an object that survived a fire or shipwreck swabs and a light clear lacquer coating was applied. But this piece is more interesting as a working object The original silk bonnet that was used to keep dust. No one s going to miss the coffee stains on the out of the back of the speaker was missing except. cabinet for a small piece thus a replacement was obtained. Bob shared his research on the radio and his notes on and installed The wires that connect the speaker to. its restoration the radio were badly frayed and also replaced. The RCA Radiola 60 was released in August 1928 The main restoration of the units was a general. and discontinued in September 1930 Marketed by cleaning followed by the replacement of the paper. RCA as its first socket powered superheterodyne capacitors housed in the capacitor can on the power. radio the set was designed and manufactured by supply This required dismounting the can. General Electric and Westinghouse who were in a removing the old paper capacitors and replacing. business relationship with RCA The radio sold for them with Solen metalized polypropylene capacitors. 210 roughly 2850 in 2015 dollars and there were rated for 630 volts. approximately 135 000 sets made At the time the radio was built all radio signals were. This chassis was serial number 249674 ED Based on broadcast on the AM band KWRO in Coquille is. a Reno Radio label found on the 80 rectifier this the only strong AM station left in the area. radio spent part of its life in July 1935 in Detroit Bob also provided the museum with a low power. Michigan I was able to locate the Reno Radio shop AM transmitter that will allow the radio to pick up. location from an advertisement in a November 1952 an in house transmission The transmitter will allow. Popular Mechanics the museum to broadcast programming from the. The radio s cabinet was in relatively good condition era it was made that can be tuned in by the radio. although the lacquer was cracking there were water This frequency can be heard on the Radiola 60 by. and paint stains on the lid the color on the front was tuning the dial to a setting of 20 The Radiola 60. faded and a small piece of veneer was missing on the tuning dial is not marked in frequencies or channels. top In addition someone in the past had drilled 3 it is simply a set of numbers from 0 to 100 and the. holes in the back of the cabinet to provide access to listener has to note the number on the dial for their. the compensation capacitors on the chassis I elected favorite stations wrote Bob. not to attempt to fill these holes,Bob returned the now working Radiola 60 in early. The escutcheons were removed the cabinet was September to its stand in the museum It takes a. disassembled and stripped of the original finish A few minutes to warm up but its tubes glow and it. small piece of veneer on the top of the cabinet was plays just as it did when it was made in 1929. bicycle sculptures as an area that could use a little TLC Eagle Scout. A collaborative effort among several groups Quentin Coomer refurbished the landscape along. including the Port of Bandon Scout Troop 313 and the front of the school. the Bandon Historical Society has brightened up a, corner of Ocean Crest School Eagle Scout candidate Trenten Gagnon built a tool. shed for the courtyard as his Eagle Scout service, The latest addition has been a group of sculpture project Gagnon finished the area around his shed.
pieces made of old bicycles and rebar constructed by with a layer of river rock. Shutter Creek inmates working with the Port of, Bandon The pieces were recently installed in a court Another group of scouts Alexander Schultz Skyler. yard behind the school Hammons and Jared Duval fulfilled a Citizenship in. the Community merit badge requirement by cleaning, Inmates built the pieces at the Port of Bandon s shop out flowerbeds and spreading bark mulch. facility in the Old Coast Guard Building under the. supervision of Harbor Master Bob Shammot Bandon Concrete donated rock and Oregon. Overseas Timber donated bark mulch, The idea to turn old bikes into pieces of art took. shape as the Port of Bandon working with the Fourth graders from Lynne Massey s classroom gave. Greater Bandon Association and the City were up afternoon recesses to assemble picnic tables. developing the cycle stop at the corner of Elmira and As the courtyard took shape we could see that a. First Streets few pieces of outdoor sculpture would nicely fill in. The Port acquired a batch of scrapped bicycles with some places where plants were impractical said. the idea of incorporating them into a fence When Proehl a museum volunteer who helps with both. the fence idea did not work out the inmate crew Scouts and school When the bike sculptures start. repurposed the bikes as pieces of sculpture ed showing up on Port of Bandon property we saw. just what we were looking for,A group of fourth grade History Detectives. submitted design ideas to the Port and the crew, turned the ideas into sculptures made of bicycles New exhibits at museum.
scrap metal and rebar The Bandon Historical Society Museum reopened in. The History Detectives meet with museum February after being closed during the month of. volunteer Jim Proehl as part of an enrichment January to rebuild and refurbish exhibits A large. program suggested by Ocean Crest Principal crew of volunteers worked to get the museum ready. MaryRae Anderson for the coming year, The Port crew left the sculptures unpainted so the Several exhibits were rebuilt created or refurbished. grade school participants could finish the pieces Tom Hultin Will Turner and Craig Tresidder did a. themselves lot of the heavy lifting moving and remounting. An unveiling of the statues took place April 23 some of the museum s larger objects in advance of. History Detectives Daniel Cabrera and Hallie Minkler rearranging some exhibit space. gave short speeches and Falcon Elsworth and Jon Ray Murphy and Jim Cowan borrowed a truck from. Trisdale revealed the covered pieces at the command Goddard Energy and retrieved two large display. of Let the statues be unveiled Two fourth grade cases from the Coos History Museum s former. classes attended the unveiling then traveled to building The Coos Bay museum has been sharing. Southern Coos Hospital to view the Flora and Fauna with neighboring historical societies furnishings that. art exhibit don t fit the d cor of its new museum, The courtyard statues are placed to be seen to best Donna Mason and Nancy Murphy have led the job. advantage through hallway windows of rebuilding exhibits Kathy Cowan Kathy Phillips. Several groups have worked to spruce up the Ocean and Jim Proehl produced and mounted photographs. Crest courtyard and exhibit labels The project is financed by a grant. from Trust Management Services,Scouts from Troop 313 looking for Eagle Scout. service projects identified the Ocean Crest landscape Continued On Page 7. Continued From Page 2 President s Corner,From the Director We tend to like round numbers. 2016 will be my 20th year as Executive Director of. We seem to give special place to anniversaries, Bandon s museum I have always been proud of this that end in zero.
title and my love for Bandon making it hard to call. Of course we also seem to have a soft spot for, this a job We moved into this Old City Hall in 25 but I suspect that s because it divides so nicely. 1996 with the help of the City of Bandon and Urban into 50 and 100. Renewal We have a lot to be thankful for and we will. We initiate our local history program at school, always need and want your support with a lesson for second graders called About a. hundred years ago,Judy Schultz Knox,We re celebrating with the Presbyterian Church. Executive Director as it marks its one hundred twenty fifth anniversary. We re featuring a story about the Fifield a ship,that wrecked on the south jetty 100 years ago. Mud Murder and Mystery,In 2016 we will celebrate the eightieth.
Mud Murder and Mystery Langlois History anniversary of the 1936 fire Every fire anniversary is. was the title of a well received presentation made by important but that number makes this one seem. museum member and volunteer Tom Medlin to an even more so. appreciative audience at the Langlois Library in, January Formed in 1976 inspired by the nation s two. hundredth birthday celebration the Bandon, Tom and his wife own Raincoast Arts in Historical Society turns 40 this year. Langlois He shared how his research into the This is the twentieth year the museum has been. 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WRECK OF THE FIFIELD T The Bandon Historical Society Museum is observing the 100 year anniversary with a special exhibit The ship was unlucky from the start The original keel of the Fifield was laid in the Bandon shipyards of J H Price but a fire in 1907 destroyed the shipyard and the ship when she was nearly completed The second version 173 feet long 39

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