10 Strategies to End Veteran Homelessness

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Version 3 June 2017, The Housing First Checklist Tool for Assessing Housing First in Practice USICH. Four Clarifications about Housing First USICH, It s Time We Talked the Walk on Housing First USICH. Using Shelter Strategically to End Homelessness USICH. 3 Implement a Coordinated Entry System, In order to use resources effectively individual programs must work together as part of a coordinated. entry system That system should match individuals and households experiencing homelessness to. appropriate housing and services based on a common assessment process performed consistently across. partners It should also use a data driven approach to prioritizing people with the most significant needs. Housing navigators can then be assigned to specific Veterans to help negotiate and expedite the entry. process into housing by providing assistance with paperwork identifications appointments and other. critical steps to getting into housing,Coordinated Entry CoC Toolkit HUD. Coordinated Assessment Toolkit National Alliance to End Homelessness. Enhancing Coordinated Entry Through Partnerships with Mainstream Resources and Programs. Lessons Learned from Developing Coordinated Entry Systems Richmond and Los Angeles USICH. 4 Set and Meet Ambitious Short and Long Term Goals by Deploying All Resources. Effectively, Ending Veteran homelessness requires the efficient deployment and full utilization of targeted programs.
like HUD Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing HUD VASH and Supportive Services for Veteran Families. SSVF Continuums of Care should partner with VA Medical Centers and HUD VASH and SSVF providers to. ensure they are participating in the community s coordinated entry system to disseminate best practices. and to remove barriers throughout the system Communities must also work together to identify. resources to serve Veterans who cannot be served through targeted programs Many communities. commit to ambitious monthly quarterly or 100 day housing placement goals to break down the larger. goal into focused blocks of time and effort while pushing their systems to perform with maximum. efficiency,HUD VASH Best Practices HUD, HUD VASH Resource Guide for Permanent Housing and Clinical Care VA. SSVF University VA,SSVF System Assessment and Improvement Toolkit VA. Innovative Ways the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles is Working to End Veteran. Homelessness USICH, United States Interagency Council on Homelessness 2. Version 3 June 2017, 5 Improve Transitional Housing Performance and Consider Adopting Different Models. and or Converting or Reallocating Resources Into Supportive Housing. Ending homelessness requires providing permanent housing opportunities to people as quickly as. possible In most cases transitional housing should be used as a bridge to permanent housing and. communities should seek to help Veterans currently residing in transitional housing move rapidly into. their own home To ensure that focus communities should adopt measures of success for transitional. housing that include outcomes around housing placement and stability eliminating or reducing entrance. eligibility criteria and reducing lengths of stay, To determine the amount and types of transitional housing your community needs conduct a gaps.
analysis If you have a larger stock of transitional housing units than are needed consider converting. those programs into bridge or supportive housing Options vary by funding source and regulations. Guide to Reallocating Funds in the CoC Program USICH. Grant and Per Diem Program Resources VA, Open Letter to Grantees of VA s Grant and Per Diem Program regarding Bridge Housing VA. 6 Engage and Support Private Landlords as Partners. Creating partnerships with private market landlords is critical for moving people out of homelessness. quickly and fully utilizing local state and federal subsidies In high cost low vacancy markets the. challenge of finding available rental units is great Cities across the country are undertaking landlord. engagement strategies like recruitment campaigns and risk mitigation as ways to increase housing. options and secure units quickly, Core Components of Centralized Landlord Engagement Programs and Community Landlord. Engagement Initiatives USICH,Risk Mitigation Funds Community Profiles USICH. Engaging Landlords to End Veteran Homelessness Seattle King County Shares What They ve. Learned USICH,Engaging Landlords Tips for Housing Veterans VA. Landlord Engagement Toolkit Community Solutions, Lessons Learned From Landlord Engagement Events National League of Cities.
7 Identify and Be Accountable to all Veterans Experiencing Homelessness. We can only solve Veteran homelessness if we are able to locate and identify every Veteran or Veteran. family in need of assistance and track their progress from initial engagement to housing placement in real. time Through data sharing agreements assessment processes and communication between the local VA. Medical Center the Continuum of Care and other stakeholders communities should create a master list. of Veterans experiencing homelessness By tracking person level data communities can better monitor. progress and hold themselves accountable to housing outcomes Communities can also use the HMIS. Repository and the Veteran Status Query and Response Exchange System SQUARES to identify people. who have served in the military through a real time query of a client s personal identifying information. United States Interagency Council on Homelessness 3. Version 3 June 2017, Best Practices Sharing Information to End Veteran Homelessness HUD. HMIS Repository and the Veteran Status Query and Response Exchange System SQUARES. VA National Guidance Regarding HMIS Access Requests VA. Privacy Guidance on Authority to Make Disclosures to Community Partners VA. VA Request for Release of Medical Records Form VA, Master List Template and Benchmark Generation Tool for Ending Veteran Homelessness HUD. 8 Conduct Coordinated Outreach and Engagement Efforts. Persistent coordinated and creative outreach efforts are vitally important to the ability to not only. identify but engage Veterans experiencing homelessness and to link them to the housing and services. interventions available in your community That involves. Ensuring that outreach efforts are comprehensive covering a full geographic area and the. multiple settings within it and coordinated across all teams and providers. Sharing information across outreach teams and sites and in coordination with other systems. including law enforcement hospitals and emergency departments prisons and jails libraries and. job centers, Partnering with Health Care for the Homeless HCH and Projects for Assistance in Transition from. Homelessness PATH grantees who can improve care coordination and optimize resources. Partnering with law enforcement prisons jails and hospitals to conduct both in reach and. outreach to reduce the cycle between homelessness and criminal justice system involvement. These efforts should seek to reach and connect with all people who are unsheltered within your. community including people living in encampments or tent cities as well as people in institutional. settings such as jails and hospitals All outreach should be person centered and emphasize building. rapport and trust as a means of helping people obtain housing with appropriate services. Guide to Identifying and Referring Veterans Experiencing Homelessness USICH. HCH VA Collaboration Quick Guide Joining Forces to Coordinate Care for Unstably Housed. Veterans National Health Care for the Homeless Council. Veterans Justice Outreach Program VA,9 Increase Connections to Employment. Communities should collaborate with Workforce Investment Boards to provide seamless referrals. between the Continuum of Care VA Medical Center and workforce systems Some communities have. projects funded by the Department of Labor Veterans Employment and Training Service DOL VETS. Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program which are dedicated to working with Veterans experiencing. homelessness CoC and VA case managers are also integral in building referral relationships with. supportive service providers and can help navigate employment services Some communities have utilized. the Employment Navigator model where a case management team helps families experiencing. homelessness through homelessness assistance and housing workforce systems and income supports. United States Interagency Council on Homelessness 4. Version 3 June 2017, Communities should also work directly with employers to encourage them to commit to hiring Veterans.
who have experienced homelessness, DOL VETS Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program DOL. Technical Assistance for Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Ggrantees DOL. Homeless Veterans Employment Assistance Guide for Service Providers DOL. HVRP Best Practice Profiles of Employment Assistance Programs NCHV. Employment Guides and Resources for Service Providers NCHV. Partnerships for Opening Doors Final Report USICH, 10 Coordinate With Legal Services Organizations To Solve Legal Needs. Veterans experiencing homelessness often have unmet legal needs Civil legal services attorneys are. essential partners in removing barriers to housing and employment by preventing avoidable evictions. navigating outstanding warrants expunging criminal records and securing targeted and mainstream. benefits Legal services attorneys can also engage in systemic advocacy to the degree allowable by law. to promote Housing First practices among public housing authorities and housing assistance programs. Your community should ensure that homelessness assistance programs coordinate with legal services. organization to address individual and systemic legal needs. Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable Toolkit DOJ,Five Best Practices for SSVF Legal Services VA. Homeless Experience Legal Protection Project H E L P. Engaging Legal Services in Community Efforts to Prevent and End Homelessness USICH. For additional information and strategies to end Veteran homelessness visit usich gov goals veterans For our. guidance on ending chronic homelessness please see 10 Strategies to End Chronic Homelessness. United States Interagency Council on Homelessness 5. 10 Strategies to End Veteran accepting applicants regardless of their sobriety or use of substances poor credit Grant and Per Diem Program

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