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13 Boost Mode,14 Miiverse,15 Basic Actions,16 Special Actions. 17 Power ups,18 Mario s Forms,20 Baby Yoshi,Play with Mii. 21 Challenges,22 Boost Rush,23 Coin Battle,24 Coin Edit. Product Information,25 Copyright Information,26 Support Information. 1 Important Information,Thank you for selecting,New SUPER MARIO BROS U for Wii U.
This software is designed only for use with the,European Australian version of the Wii U console. Please read this manual carefully before using this. software If the software is to be used by young,children the manual should be read and. explained to them by an adult,Before use please also read the content of the. Health and Safety Information application on,the Wii U Menu It contains important information. that will help you enjoy this software,Language Selection.
The in game language depends on the one that,is set on the console This title supports eight. different languages English German French,Spanish Italian Dutch Portuguese and. You can change the in game language by,changing the language setting of your console. You can change the console language in,System Settings. Age Rating Information,For age rating information for this and other.
software please consult the relevant website for,the age rating system in your region. PEGI Europe,www pegi info,USK Germany,www usk de,COB Australia. www classification gov au,OFLC New Zealand,www censorship govt nz. 2 Controllers,The following controllers can be used with this. software when they are paired with the console,Wii U Wii Remote.
Up to five people can play together This requires one. Wii U GamePad and up to four Wii Remotes sold,separately 5. A Wii Remote Plus can be used instead of a Wii,Pairing Controllers. Open the HOME Menu,and select,CONTROLLER,SETTINGS PAIR. Follow the on screen,instructions to pair your,controller. 3 Online Features,Connect to the internet to use SpotPass 6.
and Miiverse 14, For information about connecting your Wii U console. to the internet refer to the Wii U Quick Start Guide. and the Internet section of System Settings,You can pay to download extra courses Check the. Official Nintendo Site for details,4 Parental Controls. Parents and guardians can restrict certain features. of the Wii U console through Parental Controls,on the Wii U Menu. The following features can be restricted,Name Description.
Restricts the receipt of data,Interaction,through SpotPass 6. Restricts posting to Miiverse or,viewing of posts made by other. players in order to protect,Using Miiverse,children from inappropriate. conversations or abuse from other,5 Number of Players. Playing Alone,This game can be played with the Wii U GamePad.
or the Wii Remote,Play while watching the,GamePad screen. You can leave the TV,switched off,Play while watching the. TV screen and holding,the Wii Remote,Playing with Friends. When two to five people are playing actions,available to you depend on the controller you are. Wii Remote,Take control of a character,Players must use one Wii Remote each.
Wii U GamePad,Help out your friends with Boost Mode 13. You cannot control any characters in this mode,A maximum of five people one GamePad and. four Wii Remotes can play simultaneously,Menus and Other Controls. Menus and other sections are controlled by,Wii U GamePad Wii Remote. Navigation, Throughout this manual controls will be displayed in.
the following order Wii U GamePad Wii Remote,6 The Main Menu. Select which mode to,Story Mode,Set out on an adventure to rescue Princess Peach. To start a new game select NEW To continue,where you left off select a file with save data. Number of worlds cleared,Remaining lives,Number of courses cleared. Play with Mii,Anything goes in these modes As well as Mario.
and the gang you can play as your own Mii,Pit yourself against a. Challenges variety of challenges,1 2 players Only Boost Mode. 21 challenges can have two,Boost Rush Play sped up versions of. 1 5 players courses and beat the,22 fastest time,Coin Battle Compete with friends to see. 2 5 players who can get the most,As you progress through story mode new courses.
and challenges will become available,Boost Mode 13. You can join in any time while your friends are,playing through a course. This does not apply to certain areas such as,Toad Houses 8. SpotPass features for this game can be turned on,or off Turn them on to receive updates and Mario. related promotions from Nintendo,Saving the Game,You can save at different times depending on the.
Story Mode,You can save the game whenever you clear a. Tower or Castle 8, After viewing the ending you can save any time from. the menu on the World Map,Quick Save,Open the menu on the World Map and select. QUICK SAVE to create a temporary save file, When you restart the game from the point where you. left off the temporary save file will disappear, After restarting select QUICK SAVE again to create.
another temporary save file,Play with Mii,Data is saved automatically. Challenges when you beat the best,Data is saved automatically. Boost Rush when you make a new best,You can only save Coin Edit. Coin Battle,courses 24,Deleting Save Files,You can delete save files on the main menu by. Save files cannot be recovered once they have been. deleted so please be careful,8 World Map,Here you can view the various courses that make.
up your adventure Move Mario to a course and,select it to begin. 1 World and course names,2 Star Coins 10,Star Coins collected. Star Coins not yet collected,If you have collected Star Coins and. passed a Checkpoint Flag 11 but not,cleared the course translucent Star Coins. will appear,3 Remaining lives,Flashing Uncleared course.
Cleared course,Unavailable course,If you cleared a course with Super Guide 11. will remain lit and you can proceed to the next,5 Tower Castle. A boss lies in wait for you at the end of,each of these. 1 Im t portanInf onormati Before use please also read the content of the Health and Safety Information application on the Wii U Menu It contains important information that will help you enjoy this software Please read this manual carefully before using this software If the software is to be used by young children the manual should be read and explained to them by an adult This software i

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