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Conference times for Fridays may differ Mondays and Wednesdays are A days Tuesdays and. Thursdays are B days Fridays are C days when students go to all their classes. PLEASE NOTE THAT AN APPOINTMENT NEEDS TO BE SET UP PRIOR TO. MEETING WITH A TEACHER, PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR STUDENT S GRADE PERFORMANCE. Parent Student Connect Gradespeed, You can access and monitor your student s attendance assignments and grades. Go to www HoustonISD org PSCregister to get started. You may also use Gradespeed to communicate with your student s teachers. IMPORTANT REMINDERS and INFORMATION, Cycle 4 Progress Report Cards were sent home with your student last Friday. January 24,After School Tutorials Schedule, 4 10 5 10 p m Please pick up your child promptly at 5 10 p m. Mondays ELAR Tuesdays Science,Wednesdays Math Thursdays Social Studies.
There will be no after school tutorials on Wednesday January 29. Faculty Meeting All students need to be picked up promptly at. There are no after school tutorials on Fridays All students need to. be picked up promptly at 3 50 p m,8th GRADE End of Year Activities. If you are not joining the field trip you only need to pay 50. Last day payment will be accepted January 31 2020, Completed permission slips for the field trip need to be turned in to. Dean de Dios, ONLY DEAN DE DIOS IS AUTHORIZED TO ACCEPT 8 th GRADE. FEES CASH ONLY,Field Trip to Six Flags Texas San Antonio. Tentative Date May 22 2020 Coach buses will be rented for this field trip. Panoramic Picture Taking March 3 2020 Tuesday,Formal Dance.
Yearbook Signing,8th Grade Day Activities TBD,Graduation Ceremony Tentative Date May 23 2020. Behavior Requirement to be eligible to join the field trip and the 8th Grade. Day Any student who gets 6 detentions OR 2 Saturday detentions OR 1 Out. of School Suspension will not be eligible to participate. Message from Ms Williams Yearbook Teacher, There is nothing else like your school Yearbook Get your hands on the limited. edition of your stories from the year Share it with your friends today and hang on. to it for years to come, Go to Jostens com yearbook now select Baylor Col of Med Acad Ryan and. order your copy today https www jostens com yearbooks schoolannual. yearbooks html, This year we have a special section for Your Favorites Teacher Bff Club. members etc You will be eligible to attend the signing party at the end of the. year Additionally eighth graders can participate in a competition to have your. picture on a page number,DROP OFF AND PICK UP FOR CAR RIDERS.
WHEN YOU DROP OFF YOUR STUDENT IN THE MORNING AND PICK. HIM HER UP AT DISMISSAL IN THE AFTERNOON PLEASE FOLLOW THE. DIRECTIONS OF SCHOOL PERSONNEL WHO WILL BE DIRECTING THE FLOW. OF TRAFFIC TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE ESPECIALLY STUDENTS. Students will be allowed into the building at 7 50 a m Please note that there will be no. school personnel monitoring students who will be dropped off earlier than 7 50 am and. left on school grounds outside of the building, In the afternoon students need to be picked up promptly at 3 50 p m. If your student will be walking home after school send submit a signed letter of. authorization to Ms de Dios the 8th grade Dean The letter must clearly identify the. student the person authorizing the student to walk home after school and the contact. information of the said person,SCHOOL RULES AND POLICIES. Before being dismissed for first period ALL students MUST be in their assigned. areas 8th grade students report to the CAFETERIA No students are allowed to be in. the hallways classrooms or restrooms WITHOUT PERMISSION. Locker times Morning after being dismissed from their designated areas Before and. After Lunch Between 4th and 5th Period, Dress code Navy blue polo shirt with BCMA logo khaki pants shorts or skirts that. are knee length BCMA navy blue sweater or solid navy blue sweater with no designs. markings or letterings School I D must be worn around the neck at all times If your. student loses his her school I D a replacement school I D costs 5 00 Payment must be. made through Mrs Rivas the school secretary, A student who wears any navy blue polo shirt without the BCMA. logo is in violation of BCMA s dress code policy, All students who were present for their scheduled day to have their.
BCMA ID picture taken have been issued the BCMA school ID Any. student who has not been issued a school ID must go to Ms Amado in. the library during A4 or B9 Any student who does not wear his her. school ID visible around the neck is in violation of BCMA s dress code. ONLY ON FRIDAYS Solid blue or black jeans with no tears cuts holes or patches. BCMA spirit t shirt or college t shirt If student chooses to use outerwear also. outerwear must be the BCMA navy blue sweater or a solid navy blue sweater with no. designs markings or letterings Outerwear may also be a college sweater. On any day from Monday to Friday a s tudent who wears a sweater. that is not the BCMA logoed navy blue sweater or is not solid navy. blue is in violation of BCMA s dress code policy, When dismissed at 3 50 p m all bus riders must proceed directly and promptly to the bus. ramps School buses will leave at 3 55 p m everyday Car riders must proceed directly. and promptly to the front of the building, Be respectful to school personnel and fellow students. ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS,MS DAVIS and MS YAP, Teachers will provide their students with a hard copy of their Instructional Agenda. MATHEMATICS, Teacher will provide her students with a hard copy of her Instructional Agenda. Teacher will provide his students with a hard copy of her Instructional Agenda. MS ESPINO and MS MASOOD,Monday A day and Tuesday B day.
Activity Components of the Universe Nebulae Galaxy. Analyzing the HR Diagram,8th Grade Science Mc Graw Hill Education. o Homework Practice Exercises 8 8 B,Wednesday A day and Thursday B day. SNAPSHOT 2, Continue the lesson on the Classification of Stars. Life Cycle of stars,8th Grade Science Mc Graw Hill Education. o Homework Practice Exercises 8 8 A,Friday C day,Practice Exercises.
Hertzsprung Russell Diagram Classification of Stars. 8th Grade science Graw Hill Education, o Homework Practice Exercises 8 8 B STAAR review questions. IPC with MS ESPINO,Monday A Day and Tuesday B Day,Newton s Laws of Motion 1st and 2nd. Inertia and Acceleration,IPC Mc Graw Hill Education. o Homework Practice Exercises speed and velocity 8 6 C. Wednesday A Day and Thursday B Day,SNAPSHOT 2,Activity Law of Acceleration. Calculating Forces using the equation F mxa,Newton s 3rd Law of Motion Action Reaction.
IPC McGraw Hill Education, o Homework Practice Exercises 8 6 B STAAR review questions. Friday C Day,Practice Exercises Newton s Law,IPC McGraw Hill Education. Homework Graphing Motion worksheet 2,o STAAR review questions. SOCIAL STUDIES,MR PALMITIER and MR TELLE,Monday A day and Tuesday B day. Classes will move into Unit 7 discussing westward expansion and territorial. acquisition Additionally classes will view part of the documentary The Story. of Us and work with guided notes,Wednesday A day and Thursday B day.
The Mexican American war will be highlighted including territory gained. Friday C day,Snapshot 2, Reminder that Part 2 of the Timeline Project will be due Friday January 31. BIOTECHNOLOGY,MR AGUILAR,1 Liposomes,2 Personalized Medicine and Drug Delivery. 3 Elevator Pitch,4 Unit 2 Assessment,Activities,1 Project Packet The Elevator Pitch. 2 Classroom Discussion Liposomes Personalized Medicine Drug Delivery. 3 Think Pair Share 3D Liposome Project and Disease Management. 4 Assessment Unit 2 Test, Review class notes daily and prepare for the Unit 2 assessment on Friday. Reminders Comments, Paper towels boxes of tissues and lined paper loose leaf are still needed so.
please send some with your students if possible Thank you. Parents please sign up for Remind com for communication and weekly updates. Mr Aguilar Access code LABiotech, Students please come to class prepared and ready to learn. LATIN with MR BOWEN,Monday A day and Tuesday B day. Medical Etymology,Stage 16 Vocabulary Introduction. Pluperfect Tense Notes,Belimicus Ultor Translation. Wednesday A day and Thursday B day,Medical Etymology.
Pluperfect Tense Practice,Rex Spectaculum Dat I II Storyboards. Friday C day,Stage 16 Vocabulary Review Game,Complete Rex Spectaculum Dat I II Storyboards. PHYSICAL EDUCATION with MS GODINEZ,Monday A day and Tuesday B day. Omnikin ball games,Wednesday A day and Thursday B day. Ominikin ball games,Friday C day,Recreational Play.
Check GradeSpeed for any missing assignments All health assignments can be found. as attachments on GradeSpeed,PHYSICAL EDUCATION with MR JOHNSON. Unit Physical Fitness and Health Science, Objective This week students will continue Physical Conditioning Recreation. Games and Activities, Please look over Grade speed for Health Science Making Good Decisions. Assignments All assignments are attachments on Grade Speed Also students. took a quiz this past Friday over the safety stretch routine. This Week students are expected to have appropriate athletic attire and Fitness. th8 GRADE End of Year Activities FEE 150 If you are not joining the field trip you only need to pay 50 Last day payment will be accepted January 31 2020

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