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Cranes Software International Limited, E x p l o r i n g f o r a b e t t e r t o m o r r o w. A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 0 2 2 0 0 3, Cranes Software International Limited CSIL has maintained absolute focus on serving the requirements of. scientists and engineers worldwide We have nurtured strong relationships with this community over a. decade that has helped us create an unparalleled knowledge base Our deep domain expertise now enables us. to structure new businesses and has led to the launch of consulting services an ever improving range of products and. investment in cutting edge technology research This relationship pipeline is invaluable intellectual property delivering strong. financial performance now and expected to translate into increasing stakeholder value over the long term. Leading player in setting new standards in the Collaborated with leading engineering. specialised field of technical software products institutes and universities in India to create a. and solutions sustainable resource base of trained engineers. Established strong position in niche businesses Client base includes government institutions. by closely aligning with the needs of scientists premier academic institutions and leading. and engineers for over a decade corporations across the globe. Unique vertically integrated business model Multiple investments in technological. driven by multi industry applications of innovation in the fields of wireless networks. mathematics statistics and related analytical micro electro mechanical systems and audio. techniques technologies, Pioneered the usage of scientific and First Indian company to successfully compete. engineering tools in India creating a market in the global markets with its proprietary range. for high performance technical products of scientific and numerical products. Cranes Software International Limited,Formerly Eider Commercials Limited. Board of Directors Dr Rudra Pratap Chairman,Mr Asif Khader Managing Director.
Mr Mukkaram Jan Director,Mr Mueed Khader Director,Mr Richard Gall Director. Mr Ronald Brown Director,Mr Ajay Singh Director,Mr Mirza Yawar Baig Director. Company Secretary Mr B Parasuram,Bankers The Jammu Kashmir Bank Ltd. Infantry Road Branch Bangalore,Auditors S Janardhan Associates. Chartered Accountants,Apt No 104 203 Embassy Centre.
No 11 Crescent Road Bangalore 560 001,Registered Office 35 1 Alappat Building 3rd Floor. Cunningham Road Bangalore 560 052,Head Office 29 7th Cross 14th Main. Vasanthnagar Bangalore 560 052,Registrars M s Alpha Systems Pvt Ltd. 30 Ramana Residency,4th Cross Sampige Road,Malleswaram Bangalore 560 003. ANNUAL REPORT 2002 2003,Website www cranessoftware com.
Cranes Software International Limited All rights reserved. SYSTAT TableCurve 2D TableCurve 3D and PeakFit are registered trademarks of Systat Software Inc. All other company and product names are trademarks and or registered trademarks of their respective owners. www cranessoftware com,Cranes Growth Staircase 1990 2003. Amalgamation with Eider,Commercials a BSE listed,Company changing the name. to Cranes Software International,Acquisition of SYSTAT from. SPSS to enter into statistical,software products,Expanding international. operations by setting up offices in,US UK and Asia Pacific.
Geographical spread out of Forging closer ties with. Cranes Varsity to other cities in academics through tie up with. India Rational Software, Expanding Training Expanding software services Setting up full fledged R D. bandwidth through manpower center in Bangalore, Corporate Training to Entering software product Releasing two new product. Industry leaders development and support area version of SYSTAT TableCurve. Reinforcing relationships using Scientific Software 3D. through TI University products, program for DSP labs Selling AISN Software s product. Successful entry into AutoSignal through licencing. Set up Cranes software and solutions area and exploiting integration route. Varsity for training in with engagements for Reinforcing relationship through. Digital Signal GE Third Party developer Status with. Processing DSP TI The MathWorks,Real Time Operating The MathWorks. RTOS alliance Adding new distribution lines, Addition of DSP System RTOS SPSS Inc Radioscape Metaware.
for Embedded, development solutions Embedded Systems Acquisition of software Adventnet Texas Instruments. tools dSpace and Mathematical technologies from AISN to. Distribution Modelling and create long term,of MATLAB Simulation using technology position in. range of MATLAB adjacent markets,90 99 01 02 03, Note All the references to Cranes Software International Ltd Prior to the amalgamation with Eider Commercials Ltd is that of the Erstwhile Cranes Software International Ltd. Cranes Software International Limited,Formerly Eider Commercials Limited. Chairman s message to shareowners,Dear shareowners.
Over the last two decades we have seen the emergence of knowledge led endeavours as the key. drivers of innovation industrial activity and economic growth worldwide Technology has been at. the forefront as the chief enabler of such endeavours The credit for the mammoth strides in. technology in recent times and the tangible benefits accruing from such advancements that we see. today goes to thousands of engineers scientists and researchers around the world who continue. to explore new frontiers in science and technology with unyielding determination and passion Dr Rudra Pratap. At Cranes we have made it our business to serve the engineering and scientific community in the most effective way. possible by providing them best in class state of the art analytic tools and solutions that enable them to optimise their. productivity whatever be the scale and complexity of the operation at hand. Over the years we have built unparalleled competencies in the area of scientific and engineering software products and. solutions These competencies have been further reinforced with the acquisition of SYSTAT and our existing range of. scientific software products In addition we have embraced the cause of technology advancement by investing in multi. dimensional R D straddling cutting edge technologies including some path breaking disruptive technologies The. objective is multi fold that of promoting continuous improvements in our proprietary technology por tfolio taking forward. our innovative forays in several new technology areas and of course creating significant returns from our technology. investments We have been able to further strengthen our bonds with the engineering and scientific fraternity through. Cranes Varsity preparing engineers and scientists for the ever changing requirements of industry in view of evolving trends. and advent of newer technologies, Cranes has forged strategic partnerships with scientists engineers and researchers at large corporations leading. educational institutions and influential research organizations that use our products and solutions on a daily basis Our. ANNUAL REPORT 2002 2003, customers routinely address multiple complexities in their scientific work and our products and solutions are geared. towards helping them address these specific challenges We are already working on enhancing our capabilities further and. competencies so that we may continue to be trusted par tners in the endeavours of the engineering and scientific. www cranessoftware com,Cranes Software International Limited. Formerly Eider Commercials Limited, Keeping pace with the requirements of the scientific community that we aim to serve Our investments in technology. research have also remained focused on market dynamics Our MEMS technology initiative something that I personally am. deeply involved with is one such example MEMS Micro Electro Mechanical Systems is one of the most promising. technologies today that is driven by multi disciplinary research and is the gateway to yet another exciting field that of. nanotechnology Nanotechnology is an emerging area that involves manipulating matter at the atomic scale resulting in. products that will be lighter stronger cleaner less expensive and more precise Our research teams have the mandate to. create intellectual property IPRs in these high potential areas with the objective of commercial exploitation in the long. term while realising potential revenue opportunities in the interim period. The future I believe is very exciting and equally promising in the area of Digital Signal Processing DSP Embedded. Systems Mathematical Modelling and Simulation Dedicated teams at Cranes are already engaged in developing innovative. tools and solutions in these areas These efforts will not only allow us to meet the evolving needs of scientists and engineers. in particular and society in general but will also enable us to enhance value for you our shareholders. We at Cranes believe that our best days are still ahead of us The progress we have made during the year and the support we. have received from our customers the engineering and scientific community and other stakeholders make me confident. of our ability to sustain the current growth momentum far into the future. Rudra Pratap,ANNUAL REPORT 2002 2003,www cranessoftware com.
Cranes Software International Limited,Formerly Eider Commercials Limited. CEO s Message,Evolving to a new plane,Dear shareowners. Over the last decade CSIL has created a leadership position in the high end and lucrative field. of scientific and engineering software contributing significantly to the very growth of the. concept and usage trends in India This has been achieved after a long and eventful journey that. started with a license to market anti vir us software in 1991 Throughout this journey we have. remained focused on our core competence that of addressing the requirements of the. scientists and engineers,Asif Khader,Managing Director. CSIL started its foray into scientific products a decade ago with the distribution rights to MATLAB the world s leading. technical computing software that now has a base of 500 000 technical users spread across over 100 countries worldwide. The association that started with distributing this path breaking product has now progressed to several such relationships. As a result CSIL now has three differentiated categories of products in its distribution portfolio Mathematical Modeling and. Simulation tools embodied in the MATLAB product alliances in the Embedded Systems space with Nucleus dSpace and. Metaware and the most recent partnership for Business Intelligence products Witness and Simba with the U K based. Lanner Group, But this is not the only dimension to this journey of evolution In 1998 CSIL deepened its relationship with its MATLAB. principal the MathWorks Inc gaining recognition as its Authorised Training Partner This move resulted in the creation of. the Cranes Varsity initiative Cranes Varsity had the far reaching proposition of contributing to the growth of generic usage of. scientific software in India Our effor ts in this context have since gained significant recognition as indicated by our alliances. with Texas Instruments and Rational Software both leading companies within our business domains. A couple of years after initiating the university programme recognising the customers need for total solutions we. embarked upon consulting on the products sold by us With consulting capabilities CSIL created its vertically integrated. business model The business now has two state of the art development facilities in Bangalore employing a core team of. highly skilled development engineers, Our journey moved overseas with the acquisition of AISN Software and its range of visualization software products.
providing CSIL its initial exposure to product ownership This was further extended in the previous year with the award. winning SYSTAT product coming into our fold Creating consulting capabilities in these products we gained our first. exposure to overseas projects, We continue moving forward on maintaining the cutting edge of our product portfolio The launch of the SYSTAT version. 10 2 has been extremely well received with encouraging critical acclaim and customer feedback This is but another. ANNUAL REPORT 2002 2003, stepping stone to further achievements The initiatives to evolve and upgrade are ongoing and we expect fur ther sharper. products to come from this pipeline We will keep you informed about such developments. There are further aspects to this ongoing progress Initially ser vicing the Indian defense sector CSIL with its extended. offerings has now created deep relationships within the automotive consumer electronics multimedia semiconductors. power and communications sectors Our list of customers makes for impressive reading GE Texas Instruments Robert. Bosch Intel Philips Motorola Siemens ABB Daimler Chrysler Wipro Infosys Reliance L T and government agencies. including the U S armed forces,www cranessoftware com. Cranes Software International Limited,Formerly Eider Commercials Limited. What we have discussed are the several aspects of our journey towards our objectives But can a company with such. varying dimensions be satisfied with the potential of merely linear growth for any extended period of time. The answer obviously is in the negative CSIL is committed to the continuous enhancement of the value it brings to its. Mr Ajay Singh Director Mr Mirza Yawar Baig Embedded Systems and Mathematical Modelling and Simulation using MATLAB Rudra Pratap Chairman 05

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