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SPECIAL NOTICE, Effective 1 June 1987 JPRS reports will have a new cover design and color and. some reports will have a different title and format Some of the color. changes may be implemented earlier if existing supplies of stock are depleted. The new cover colors will be as follows,CHINA aqua. EAST EUROPE gold,SOVIET UNION salmon,EAST ASIA yellow. NEAR EAST SOUTH ASIA blue,LATIN AMERICA pink,WEST EUROPE ivory. AFRICA SUB SAHARA tan,SCIENCE fi TECIttiOLOGY gray.
WORLDWIDES pewter, The changes that are of interest to readers of this report are as follows. The SOUTHEAST ASIA REPORT SEA will be titled EAST ASIA SOUTHEAST ASIA. The JAPAN REPORT JAR will be titled EASr ASIA JAPAN JAR. Ihe KOREAN AFFAIRS REPORT KAR will be titled EAST ASIA KOREA KAR. The MONGOLIAN REPORT MON will be titled EASr ASIA MONGOLIA MON. KOREA KULLOJA AKU will be issued as a separate series under EAST. VIETNAM TAP CHI CONG SAN ATC will be issued as a separate series. under EAST ASIA, If any subscription changes are desired U S Government subscribers should. notify their distribution contact point Nongovernment subscribers should. contact the National Technical Information Service 5285 Port Royal Road. Springfield Virginia 22161,JPRS SEA 87 082,18 JUNE 1987. SOUTHEAST ASIA, Trade Minister Foreign Subsidies Cause 2 3 Billion Export Loss. THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD 15 Apr 87, Editorial Hits Japanese Nuclear Weapons Bar Pretense.
THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD 11 Apr 87,PHILIPPINES,Machinery Marcos Factor Cited for Laban Victory. Isagani de Castro BUSINESS DAY 25 May 87 4, Laban Alleges United Opposition Destabilization Plan. Rod L Villa MANILA BULLETIN 24 May 87 7,Columnist Lauds Aquino for New Trend in Politics. Luis D Beltran THE PHILIPPINE STAR 12 May 87 9,Businessmen See Polls as Sign of Stability. Mynardo Macaraig AFP 14 May 87 11, Ramos Warns of Civil Disorder Cites Discredit Effort.
AFP 23 May 87 13,Public Borrowing Limit Set at P23 9 Billion. MANILA BULLETIN 14 May 87 15,Columnist Urges Response to USSR Meddling. Jesus Bigornia MANILA BULLETIN 24 May 87 17,Reshuffle at Foreign Affairs Department Reported. MANILA BULLETIN 14 May 87 19,306 Laws Passed in Aquino s 15 Months in Office. Malou Mangahas THE MANILA CHRONICLE 19 May 87 20,Cordillera Rebel Leader Gives Aquino Warning.
PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER 11 May 87 22, Organized Labor Views Sympathies of Incoming Congress. Glenda Gloria PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER 18 May 87 24. Columnist Sees Congress as New Power Center,Amando Doronila THE MANILA CHRONICLE 11 May 87 26. 121 House Seats Subject to Post Election Disputes,M Ronquillo G Camposano PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER. 19 May 87 29,Aquino Said To Face Uncooperative Senate. Ding Marcelo MANILA BULLETIN 19 May 87 31,New Congress Seen as End for Excuses.
Editorial PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER 15 May 87 33,Paper Analyzes Opposition Defeat in Senate Race. Nick T Enciso MANILA BULLETIN 15 May 87 35,Government Takes Majority at San Miguel. BUSINESS DAY 15 May 87 37,Fears of Inflation Due to Elections Allayed. Rosa Ocampo MALAYA 16 May 87 39, Labor Union Leader Criticizes Aquino Regime in Japan. KYODO 18 May 87 41,NDF Criticizes Illusions of Aquino s Sincerity.
Paulynn Sicam THE MANILA CHRONICLE 18 May 87 42,Shahani Urges Aquino To Reveal Bases Options. Belen Evardone MALAYA 19 May 87 44,MALAYA Analyzes ANP Defeat in Recent Polls. MALAYA 18 May 87 45,Sources Report Lack of Support for Balweg. Roy S de Guzman PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER 19 May 87 47. Columnist Views PLO Petition for Relations,Jesus Bigornia MANILA BULLETIN 19 May 87 49. Tatad Claims Aquino Implicated in Fund Mess,BUSINESS DAY 22 May 87 50.
Laban Chided for Ignoring Real Cause of Fraud Charges. Ninez Cacho Olivares BUSINESS DAY 25 May 87 52,Paper Hints Palace Courting GAD Candidates. Butch Fernandez MALAYA 26 May 87 55,Embassies Receive Second CPP Extortion Letter. Chay 0 Florentino PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER 23 May 87 57. French Communists Interview Jose Maria Sison,Michel Muller L HUMANITE 12 May 87 58. Police Use Tear Gas To Break Up Loyalist Rally,AFP 25 May 87. Bacolod Clergy Continue Fast for Social Reform, Salvacion Varona THE MANILA CHRONICLE 20 May 87 61.
Major Commercial Bank Placed in Receivership,AFP 26 May 87. Aquino Orders Probe Into Government TV Sabotage,MANILA BULLETIN 24 May 87. Employers Group Prepares Proposals for Congress,BUSINESS DAY 25 May 87. Agriculture Secretary on Effect of Drought on Crops. Michael D Marasigan BUSINESS DAY 20 May 87 68,ADB Asked To Help in Forestry Efforts. BUSINESS DAY 25 May 87, Storm Damage Softening Demand Cause Banana Export Drop.
BUSINESS DAY 20 May 87,Business Sees Nuclear Plant Answer To Power Lack. Julie C Del Castillo BUSINESS DAY 21 May 87 73,8 91 Billion Pesos Available for Farm Projects. BUSINESS DAY 15 May 87,NEDA Sets 4 4 Percent Increase for GNP in 1987. MANILA BULLETIN 18 May 87,5 Percent Rise in Energy Consumption Reported. THE MANILA TIMES 19 May 87 79,Pineapple Exports Rise 20 Percent.
BUSINESS DAY 12 May 87 80,Navy Expects More Arms Shipments to MNLF. MANILA BULLETIN 25 May 87 81,MNLF Coordinator Says War A Coming Reality. Euly V Salazar THE MANILA CHRONICLE 23 May 87 82,Paper Reports Sulu Factions Braced for War1. Rommee C Espinosa THE MANILA TIMES 19 May 87 83,Government Studying New Talks With NDF. Nick Quijano Jun Lopez MALAYA 22 May 87 85,Editorial Urges End to MNLF Peace Problem.
MALAYA 19 May 87 86, Government Troops Shell Iloilo Mountain Guerrillas. BUSINESS DAY 18 May 87 88,Reportage on Insurgency Clashes. AFP 15 21 May 87 Manila Far East Broadcasting,Company 15 17 May 87 89. 24 Killed in 3 Days 89,Death Toll for Year Shows Drop 89. NPA Kills 13 Civilians 90,10 Guerrillas 4 Soldiers Killed 90.
Opposition Warns of Price Increases 91,Bases Cooperation on AIDS Asked 91. Aquino Appeals for Prayers 91,No Inflation Assured 92. Local Elections Set 92,Rice Supply 92,Rise in Central Visayas Exports 92. Drought Impact 92,Government Reorganization Commission Abolished 93. Protection of Natural Resources 93, Further Reporting on PRK Border Weapons Traffic to Burma.
NAEO NA 18 19 Mar 87 94,Paper Sees High Level Racketeering Editorial 94. Army Secretary Weapons May Go to Khun Sa 95,Paper Wants Case Investigated Editorial 96. Officials Support Trade With Laos,MATICHON 26 Apr 87 97. Prem Visits Mekong Unit Assesses Lao Ties,BAN MUANG 21 Apr 87. Columnist Views Cambodia CGDK Can t Win,BAN MUANG 22 Apr 87.
Monk Plans Farm Help Bank Rice Buys Noted,SIAM RAT 16 Apr 87. Deputy PM Sees Monk Farm Plan as Solution,SIAM RAT 17 Apr 87. Monk Runs College To Fight Communism Gets Army Help. SIAM RAT 16 Apr 87, Monk s Business Ventures Politics Army Ties Questioned. Saengthai Khaokuthai SIAM RAT 22 Apr 87 107, Changes Proposed in Commerce Ministry Export Promotion. NAEO NA 3 Apr 87 109, Analysis Malaysia Fisheries Dispute To Go on May Worsen.
SIAM RAT SAPDA WICHAN 5 11 Apr 87 m, TRADE MINISTER FOREIGN SUBSIDIES CAUSE 2 3 BILLION EXPORT LOSS. Sydney THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD in English 15 Apr 87 p 6. But he warned that the so called, CANBERRA Agricultural early harvest of reforms pro. Text subsidies doled out by the United moted by the US at the recent. States and the European Commu Trade Ministers talks in New. nity have cut Australia s agricul Zealand should be grabbed with. tural export returns by 2 3 billion both hands, his year according to the Trade It is apparent that the Reagan. Minister Mr Dawkins Administration is eager to imple. Speaking to a gathering of rural ment an early reform package but. journalists in Canberra last night the US stance post Reagan could. Mr Dawkins said that the higher, returns would have reduced the easily be less forthcoming The. burgeoning current account defi attitude of the US after 1988 is. cit by about 15 per cent totally unpredictable Mr Dawk. He said the cost of the US Food ins said, Security Act on the Australian The Minister also said that the.
grain industry alone was in the campaign of information which. order of 1 3 billion in 1986 87 was integral to the success or. while EC subsidies also cost about otherwise of the reformers would. 1 billion under conditions pre continue with the funding of a. vailing in 1985 comprehensive 500 000 study, Given the faltering commitment into the agricultural policies of the. lo trade liberalisation shown by US West Germany Canada. the US Japan and the EC and the Japan and the developing coun. looming prospect of a trade war tries The funding costs would be. Mr Dawkins said he was con shared with the National Farmers. cerned that the trade policies of Federation, the major powers could become The plan is to blow up the fort. more inward looking retaliatory from the inside as it were by. and therefore more protectionist finding allies within these coun. as the year progressed tries who agree with the views. What all this comes down to is being espoused by Mr Dawkins. that left to themselves the majors and like minded Trade Ministers. could work out solutions to their about the damaging consequences. rade problems that might meet of current agricultural policies. their own requirements but could Commenting on the trade fra. substantially ignore the legitimate cas that is brewing between the US. interests of other countries the and Japan Mr Dawkins said that. Minister said continued vigilance was needed to, Despite the prevalence of ensure that Australia and other. smaller agricultural traders would, gloom surrounding much of the not become cannon fodder. discussion on agricultural trade The American action against. reform and the prospect late last the Japanese does involve risks. year that nothing might happen but it may also be of sufficient. for four to five years Mr Dawkins shock value that the Administra. said that it was now possible that tion may be able to wrest back. some form of preliminary results from an increasingly impatient. would be in place by the end of the Congress control over trade pol. year icy he said,CSO 4200 603, EDITORIAL HITS JAPANESE NUCLEAR WEAPONS BAR PRETENSE.
Sydney THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD in English 11 Apr 87 p 30. Editorial Nuclear Realities and Japan, Text HOW CAN the Japanese Gov prior consultation with the. ernment maintain the pretence Japanese Government The. that it has consistently forbid existence of a confidential. den the entry of US nuclear agreement has always been. weapons into Japan over the denied by the Japanese Gov. years With remarkable ease it ernment But the Rusk message. seems Rummaging through the says more It speaks of a threat. archives of the US Library of to the ambiguity the GOJ has. Congress Japan Communist accepted on presence of, Party researchers have nuclear weapons on US vessels. unearthed a copy of a once in Japanese ports and on. secret 1966 Telex message from transiting US aircraft Noth. the then US Secretary of State ing could point more clearly to. Dean Rusk to the then US routine Japanese consent to the. Ambassador to Japan Edwin presence of US arms in Japan. Reischauer The message Has this embarrassed the, appears to make Japan s con Japanese Government To all. tinued pretence of nuclear outward appearance not in the. chastity impossible But diplo least The official response has. macy has little to do with logic been to hew to a familiar line. and in the Japanese case it is The 1960 treaty provides for. complicated by a uniquely prior consultation before. refined capacity for maintain nuclear weapons are allowed. ing appearances that are quite into Japan there has been no. opposed to reality consultation therefore there, The Rusk Reischauer mes have been no weapons allowed. sage speaks of a confidential in Of course that reasoning. 1960 agreement which affords implies that if there have been. US rights to seek GOJ Govern US nuclear weapons in Japan. ment of Japan consent to not only has the Japanese. introduction of nuclear weap Government not known about. ons under 1960 Security it but also it has been deceived. Treaty Confidential agree by the Americans Silence in the. ment The revised US Japan face of such calumny is a. Security Treaty of 1960 openly measure of the high value the. provided that the United States United States places on its. would not make major changes alliance with Japan, in armaments in Japan without While the Japanese people.
understandably have an acute,revulsion against nuclear weap. ons there has perhaps been,enough of a shift in Japanese. attitudes to defence questions,generally to ask why it is. necessary for the Japanese,Government to persist with a. pretence in relation to US,nuclear arms But there is more.
to it than the Japanese nuclear,The Liberal Democratic. Party has been in power most of,the time since World War II. Many of its past leaders con,tinue in positions of influence. How can they simply admit that,for so many years on such an. important issue they have lied,to the Japanese people Mr.
Nakasone whose popularity is,at a low ebb is certainly not. about to try Even his success in,pushing through higher levels. of defence expenditure is no,help since he sold this policy. Minister Mr Dawkins Speaking to a gathering of rural journalists in Canberra last night Mr Dawkins said that the higher returns would have reduced the burgeoning current account defi cit by about 15 per cent He said the cost of the US Food Security Act on the Australian grain industry alone was in the order of 1 3 billion in 1986 87

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