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Facilities to Increase production of the Huron Portland. FOREWORD Cement Company at Alpena the world s largest cement. This report is a record of Michigan Mineral Industries for plant are underway and completion is scheduled for. the calendar year 1954 Reports filed by the mineral April 1956 New raw grinding clinker burning and finish. producers of individual operations throughout the state grinding equipment are being installed Changes and. supplied the information for the study which was made in improvements in the vessel loading system and. cooperation with the Bureau of Mines of the United equipment for handling conveying and apportioning raw. States Department of Interior and Bureau of the Census material have been completed Company officials. of the United States Department of Commerce announced the purchase of the E C Collins a 440. foot bulk ore carrier Addition of the Collins and the. The estimated value of mineral production for 1955 was Presque Isle purchased in 1954 make a total of six. submitted by the United States Bureau of Mines on ships owned by Huron. January 27 1956 The section on developments in the. mineral industries was prepared through office and field Penn Dixie now owner of the Petoskey Portland. conferences with mineral producers and from articles Cement Company plant at Petoskey announced that the. published in Pit and Quarry Rock Products Mining new 375 foot long kiln should Increase cement. Journal and other trade journals production by 50 per cent Addition of the kiln is part of. a 4 000 000 expansion program which includes, installation of a stone crusher and several new tool and. LATE DEVELOPMENTS IN work houses, MICHIGAN S MINERAL INDUSTRIES Wyandotte Chemical Corporation Wyandotte Wayne. County has announced the expansion of its cement, A brief resume of late developments in Michigan mineral plant facilities at a cost of approximately 2 500 000. industries show that progress will continue in 1956 The This expansion will double production to almost. Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company is reported to begin 2 500 000 barrels of cement annually Air polution. operations of The Republic beneficiation plant early in control equipment including an electro static. 1956 At this plant which has an annual capacity rated precipitator will be installed Clinker coolers have been. at 400 000 tons iron ore concentrate will be recovered installed and linings have been extended to the full. by flotation process from low grade jasper ore length of the plant stacks Addition of two silos cement. Concentrates will be shipped to Eagle Mills east of conveying systems and extension of bulk loading. Negaunee where the fine mill product will be facilities are included In the expansion program The. agglomerated in the peltitizing plant now under Company also manufactures chlorine soda ash caustic. construction soda and specialized cleaning compounds. The surface plant of the M A Hanna Company s Shipment of limestone from the new 15 000 000 quarry. Cannon Mine near Stambaugh Iron County was and plant of the Presque Isle Corporations owned by. completed and the first iron ore was hoisted through the five steel companies and located 3 miles north of Bell. new shaft late in March 1955 Shaft sinking of the Presque Isle County began in April 1955 Five grades of. Cannon property started August 22 1951 Ore is now high calcium limestone are produced for open hearth. being hoisted 1 000 feet from the new seventh level and blast furnace flux stone Some stone is produced. Republic Steel Company announced plans to open the for cement and lime Chemstone Corporation. Genesee iron ore body which lies adjacent to the Tobin Cleveland Ohio formerly Kelley Island Lime and. mine Crystal Falls location Transport Company manages and operates the plant on. a fee basis This plant said to be the second largest flux. One of the nation s largest blast furnaces hearth stone plant in the nation has a capacity of 2 000 tons of. diameter 30 feet 3 inches has been constructed at limestone per hour Stone is quarried from the 50 to 55. Ecorse Wayne County for Great Lakes Steel foot thick high calcium Rogers City limestone. Corporation Operation of this furnace began in 1955. The year 1955 closed a decade of operation by the, Calumet Hecla Incorporated completed dewatering Drummond Dolomite Corporation Drummond Island. and rehabilitation of the No 13 shaft of the Osceola Chippewa County Starting from scratch in 1945 this. Mine at Calumet Houghton County in 1955 and that company has grown into one of the world s largest. part of the mine will go into full production in 1956 dolomite producers by providing a high quality raw. Meanwhile dewatering and rehabilitation of No 6 shaft material for chemical steel and construction purposes. continues with completion scheduled for late in the year throughout the Great Lakes area The aggregate for the. Construction of a new cement plant at Detroit by the piers and foundation work of the Mackinac Bridge was. Peerless Cement Corporation is now underway The supplied from Drummond Island When the 1956. plant is scheduled to go into production in 1956 and will quarrying season begins the company will use a new. supply a million barrels of cement annually to the 120 foot tower equipped with two 90 degree radial. Michigan market At the company s Port Huron plant a stacking conveyors beneath which a new tunnel will be. stack dust collecting system was installed to eliminate air extended Another prominent feature now in use9. pollution in the nearby residential district located on high ground near the mill is a new 7 200. Mineral Resources of Michigan 1954 Page 2 of 12, square foot Butler type office maintenance storage MICHIGAN MINERAL PRODUCTION.
Huron River Quarry Corporation opened a quarry just. west of Flat Rock Wayne County Dolomitic rock Mineral production in Michigan in 1954 declined only. quarried from the Amherstberg member of the Detroit four tenths of one per cent from the all time high of the. River formation is marketed for parking lot and general previous year of 1953 New production highs were. building purposes established for bromine clay shale sand gravel and. cement Non metallic mineral production increased 16. The new flux stone operation of the Michigan Limestone per cent but production of fuels and metallic minerals. Division United States Steel Corporation near declined. Cedarville Mackinac County began full scale production. in 1955 The first cargo left their new port Port Michigan s rank in the United States in volume of mineral. Dolomite on April 16 1955 This Northern Peninsula production for 1954 is First in gypsum and salt Second. dolomite quarry was opened to supplement the high in iron ore bromine magnesium compounds sand and. calcium limestone produced at the company s Rodgers gravel Fourth in stone and peat Fifth in portland. City operation In the Southern Peninsula cement,Fenner Crane and Construction Service Company. Muskegon purchased a 30 acre tract in Cedar Creek,township Muskegon County for sand recovery. operations The sand is sold as hardtopping road mix. and for construction work by the Great Lakes Dock and. Material Corporation,Michigan Gravel Company Muskegon opened a 90 ton. per hour sand and gravel plant in Casnovia township. near Muskegon The plant produces washed mortar and. concrete sand and several sizes of gravel A gravel jig. for removing impurities is to be installed,The Holly Sand and Gravel Company Holly Oakland. County has opened a new 300 000 processing plant, Production capacity has been increased 300 per cent to.
400 tons of sand and gravel an hour This expansion. permits increased production of ready mixed concrete by METALLIC MINERALS. J P Burrough Sons Incorporated the parent, company IRON ORE Shipments of iron ore from 32 underground. mines and 9 open pits totaled 9 722 884 long tons, The waste rock piles and stamp sands of the old copper 2 240 lbs in 1954 a decrease of 27 3 per cent from. mines are coming into use Waste piles of the Hancock 1953 This is the lowest total shipment since 1946 when. Mining Company now owned by the Thornton 8 477 425 long tons were shipped and the pre war year. Construction Company are used as ballast for railroad 1938 when 4 092 904 long tons left the Northern. crossing and paving between Dollar Bay and Lake Peninsula The 1954 season was the first full season. Linden Keweenaw County The huge deposit of stamp since 1939 in which iron ore requirements were not. sand at the old Isle Royal mill In Portage Lake near affected by the demands of an active war or the prospect. Houghton is being used as a source of railroad ballast of imminent war The 1954 decrease in shipment. by the D S S A Railroad Company In addition the resulted from the low rate of operation of the steel. Houghton County Road Commission is using a industry operated throughout most of the year and. considerable quantity of the sand for road repair in both because a very substantial tonnage of ore was in stock. Portage and Chassell townships Houghton County On at the lower lakes at the start of the 1954 shipping. September 15 1955 the company started quarrying season. dolomitic rock from Limestone Mountain at Alston The. stone is crushed and used for agricultural fertilizers For many years the possibilities of using a flotation. process for concentrating Lake Superior ores has been. Plans for an aerial tramway sticking more than a mile discussed and investigated The first commercial plant. out into Lake Huron from a point just south of Tawas for such a process was put into operation in 1954 and its. City are part of a 90 000 000 expansion program by successful operation marks another milestone for the. National Gypsum Company which operates quarries industry This flotation plant located at the Humboldt. and a gypsum plant 12 miles southwest of Tawas New Mine at Humboldt Marquette County is owned jointly. quarries in the area are included in the program The by the Ford Motor Company and the Cleveland Cliffs. 6 000 foot tramway will carry gypsum out to lake Iron Company with Cleveland Cliffs as operator The. freighters low grade ore jasper and specular hematite is mined by. the open pit method and hauled to the plant where it is. Mineral Resources of Michigan 1954 Page 3 of 12,crushed The ore is then ground to flotation size. approximately 65 mesh Through flotation and filtering. processes a high grade concentrate containing,approximately 64 per cent iron is recovered. The filtered concentrate is shipped to steel plants where. it is mixed with coarser ores before sintering, Cleveland Cliffs during the year had a larger mill under COPPER Michigan produced 44 786 803 pounds of.
construction at the nearby Republic property where copper during 1954 This was 3 212 887 pounds or 3. similar ore will be concentrated by the process used at per cent below the 1953 production Eleven copper. the Humboldt plant The plant will contain a primary mines in Houghton Keweenaw and Ontonagon. crushing and flotation section to treat the low grade counties produced approximately 85 per cent of the total. jasper hematite copper output The remaining 15 per cent was. recovered by two reclamation plants In Houghton County. Production of direct shipping ore ceased at the Book from waste or tailings rejected by earlier mill operations. mine near Alpha Iron County early in the year, Production was maintained during the shipping season Calumet and Hecla Inc continued dewatering. however by reclaiming ore from the old lean ore and operations and rehabilitation of the Osceola mine during. rock piles of a heavy media plant Meanwhile 1954 to make available a new supply of copper bearing. underground development of low grade ore was carried rock The mine originally was open in 1873 but. on in the mine In 1955 low grade ore was to be mined abandoned in 1931 because of low price of copper. hoisted to the surface and treated in the heavy media White Pine Copper Company a subsidiary of Copper. plant to obtain a shipping product Range Company continued underground development. The Blueberry Mine located 7 miles west of Ishpeming and construction of surface facilities at the White Pine. on the Marquette Iron Range was permanently closed mine Ontonagon County By the close of 1954. December 3 1954 because of exhaustion of the ore development in the mine had progressed far enough so. reserves Underground working had been carried to a that actual mining operations could be started On. depth of 2 000 feet but there the ore bodies are small October 4 1954 some 700 000 tons of ore had been. and non commercial The Blueberry is the third stockpiled on the surface All surface construction. Michigan mine to be labeled exhausted in the past 2 townsite and utility facilities were almost completed by. years following the Davidson and James mines at the end of 1954 The mill was started at partial capacity. Mineral Hills Iron County North Range Mining on October 5 The White Pine mine is unique in. Company took over the operation of the Blueberry from Michigan because the ore in the Nonsuch shale is. Ford Motor Company in 1933 From 1926 the year of mainly copper sulphide chalcocite with minor amounts. first shipment until the mine was closed in 1954 the of native copper The copper mines of Houghton and. mine shipped approximately 6 million tons of ore Keweenaw counties obtain native copper from the. Keweenawan lava flows and interbedded rhyolite, Inland Steel Company s Cagia mine near Crystal Falls conglomerates. west of Flat Rock Wayne County Dolomitic rock quarried from the Amherstberg member of the Detroit River formation is marketed for parking lot and general building purposes The new flux stone operation of the Michigan Limestone Division United States Steel Corporation near Cedarville Mackinac County began full scale production in 1955

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