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Co m in g Ev e n ts, KATHLEEN S KORNER continued 2002 your name has been removed from the. membership roster and you need to contact me, CNCH 2004 to be reinstated which I will be happy to do. Ashtl o will be part of the Unified Guild Display so And thank you for checking your mailing label. please warp up and weave a 18 x22 22 x36 or and sending in your dues I know how easy it. 44 x72 rug These will hang vertically and back to is to overlook this itty bitty payment each year. back Each should have a sleeve on the back with a and sometimes all it takes is a little reminder I. dowel inserted so that extends beyond each appreciate the response to my last appeal. edge of the cloth By March 27th please send a,May you weave in beauty. copy of the Exhibit Entry Form at the center of your. registration booklet noting the size of your piece to. Nancy Duncan 177 Oak Shadow Drive Santa, Rosa CA 95409 Entries are due at the exhibition ASHTL O MEETINGS. hall by 1 00 p m on Thursday April 29 2004, Hannelore and I have the identifying tags that must March 14th at Kitty Thoresen s home in.
be secured to each piece so contact one of us when Emerald Hills We will be preparing for. you are finished with your weaving CNCH specifically trying to figure out how. Ashtl o will have a booth at CNCH this year from to assemble the ladder framework built by. April 30th May 2nd We will set up on Thursday Jim Brandon to display rugs. April 29th a m We need volunteers for set up to April 11th at Kitty Thoresen s home in Emerald. demonstrate weaving carding and or spinning Hills We will be finalizing the volunteer. during the conference and to take down our display schedule for CNCH collecting weavings for. on the afternoon of May 2nd Please contact me at display and doing anything else that needs. vernonst pacbell net or Hannelore Cole at to be done. webemit sbcglobal net if you are able to help May 8th SATURDAY Special swap and sell. ASHTL O DUES meeting at Marilyn and Jim Brandon s home. in Scotts Valley Marilyn and Jim are down, At the meeting on February 8th it was decided sizing and will sell various. that it is time to raise the Ashtl o dues Despite price weaving southwest items for a donation. hikes in postage copy paper and printing costs to Ashtl o All members are welcome to bring. Ashtl o has never to my recollection raised its dues items for sale or trade but must take home. Membership dues are now 10 for members not whatever is left by end of meeting. wishing to join CNCH Conference of Northern,June 13th open at this time. California Handweavers and 14 for Ashtl o CNCH, members Ashtl o sends 1 for every Ashtl o only July 11th at Bruce and Pati Belknap s home in. member and 5 for every Ashtl o CNCH member to the Del Monte Forest of Pebble Beach. CNCH each year to help defray the costs associated August 8th We usually skip August meeting. with putting on the conference CNCH members who in favor of attending the Monterey County. belong to more than one guild need only pay CNCH Wool Auction on August 18th. dues through one guild,These Sunday meetings begin at 10 00 a m. When you receive this month s newsletter followed by a potluck lunch at noon or. check your address label The date on the bottom whenever we decide to eat We generally end. of the label indicates when your dues should have around 3 00 4 00 p m. been or should be paid If you owe for both 2003,Kitty Thoresen is our meeting coordinator and.
AND 2004 pay 6 or 10 for 2003 and 10 or,announcement sender so look for an email. 14 for 2004 depending on your CNCH status Are,about a week before each meeting with. you totally confused Contact me if you need,directions to the host s house. clarification If you owe dues for as far back as,Email from members. Ashtl o welcomes the following processing them to use in my. new members Dean Crook Amy Navajo weaving in progress. Kropitz Kari Oulton Debra Greer Over many years I have held a. Ruth Ann Craig and Penny Thayer deep interest in Navajo s and. their continuing history thru,arts and crafts I am interested.
Dean Crook from Gilbertsville KY in continuing to learn about. writes historical native uses of fibers,I have had an interest and and weaving. fascination in Navajo weaving,since elementary school when we. did a weaving project and study of,American Indians That was about From craig watson. 60 years ago spacelodge earthlink net,Since retiring and a couple visits. to Taos and Santa Fe my interest Hi Kathleen and Bruce. has greatly expanded Through, reading and study I have developed Yes Kathleen you are right I m.
a sincere admiration for the dyeing huge amounts of Churro. Navajo people and their culture yarns now for weavers I m working. with and designing rugs with, I plan to weave a Navajo rug I them These weavers like to use. have watched the video and read special colors and wools being. enough books that I think I can do great artists and I am making up. it I saw that Carol Leigh has a some good rug designs with them. Beginning Navajo Weaving workshop, that is not far from where I live The collaboration in designing is. in Kentucky I also discovered absolutely wonderful All these. the Table Mesa Navajo Weaving weavers give every weaving. Workshop with Sarah Natani spontaneous creative touches once. that would be the ultimate the weaving gets underway. experience The blues are indigo and the reds,are dyed with aniline cochineal. and madder all were mailed to,Albert and Susie Jackson in Red. Kari Oulton from Gunnison CO Valley today I gave them a whole. writes lot of natural flavors of this 4, Besides the Navajo weavings being strand Churro when they visited.
beautiful and many having a daily up here a few days ago to plan. living purpose I find the this rug, meanings within the weavings They are weaving us a 5 wide x. themselves fascinating I also 4 high approx rug which will. like the fact that many weavers say on it NAVAJO RUGS for. have a strong value for the land shows or to sell to someone. and animals that produce the sometime We are using a 4 strand. fibers needed Churro sourced from Ingrid,Painter s Puddleduck Farm in. Oregon It is a hefty Churro,yarn so it ll be good for big. Penny Thayer from Kent WA writes rugs The weavers are using a. strong plied wool warp I gave,I have taken Sarah Natani s them for this one. weaving class with Couperville,Arts Visited Sarah at her farm.
with a photo class and bought a See photos of Craig s yarns and a Yei rug being. churro fleece from her I woven for him on the Ashtl o website Ed. constructed a Navajo loom using,WEAVING WORKSHOPS FOOTHILLS continued. Sarah Natani will be giving a class on Navajo On January 27 I braved a downpour and. Weaving in Ponca City Oklahoma June 7 11 drove to Nevada City where I had been. asked to speak to the Foothills Fiber Guild, 2004 All levels of experience are welcome but some. about Navajo weaving I shared experiences, familiarity with Navajo weaving would be helpful at Sarah s and passed on information about. The class will be 250 with a 30 materials fee weaving with Sarah on the Reservation as. There will be a welcoming meal on Sunday evening well as introducing the group to Ashtl o. Lunch will be provided throughout the week Don t forget our local guild s open house. Class space is limited to a total of 10 students and is The Sacramento Weavers and Spinners. filling up fast The class reservations are on a first Guild event will take place the weekend of. come first served basis A confirmed reservation March 13 14 We would love to see some of. requires a deposit of 125 You may withdraw from you come It is held at the Shephard Garden. the class anytime up until the 15th of April with a full and Arts Center 3330 McKinley Blvd. Sacramento Saturday 10 5 Sunday 12 5, refund However after April 15th the deposit is non. There are many weaving demonstrations of, refundable all types occurring a shopping room with.
Ponca City is conveniently located midway between many beautiful hand made items and a. the Tulsa Oklahoma City and Wichita airports It is raffle including one of my small weavings It. about one hour s drive from each location through the is a lot of fun and we hope you will join us. beautiful rolling hills of the plains of eastern Mel and I will have a demonstration booth. Oklahoma Transportation from the airports can be there. arranged for a small additional charge One our weavers Sarah Egan is. undertaking a large rug approximately 57, An information packet will be sent upon receipt of x 72 She has been weaving for two or. deposit If you need more information please do not three years She is to be commended on. hesitate to contact me at such a large project I have seen her progress. Gloria Galasso and it is going to be a beautiful Two Grey. Tres Hermanas Wool Works Hills consisting of a lot of her own. 1608 Donald Ave handspun which she produced on the. Navajo Spindle My hat is off to her for,Ponca City OK 74604 1411. that I have asked Sarah to share some, 580 762 2532 words of wisdom on the subject Her title. or e mail at treshermanas cableone net says it all THE LOOM OF DOOM. Keep on weaving Hope to see you at our,SARAH NATANI open house. 2004 NAVAJO WEAVING SCHEDULE,Ya ta hey Marilyn Greaves.
May 3 7 2004 Judy Ness at Tablemesa or in Shiprock. Read Sarah Egan s story on the Ashtl o website,May 10 14 2004 Eugene Oregon Ed. May 17 28 2004 Taos Institute of Arts Taos NM,June 7 11 2004 Gloria Galasso. 1608 Donald Ave Ponca City OK,Sept 27 Oct 1 2004 Tablemesa. Kathleen Burnham 155 Oak Ave Felton CA,Nov 15 19 2004 Hillcreek Fiber Studio. Carol Leigh 7001 Hillcreek Road Columbia MO,RE Thoughts on Weaving the Navajo Way.
I am still mystified that my vertical,by Deb Greer. joints look beautiful on the back of the, Weaving Weaving Weaving I dream it In my weaving while they are fairly hideous on. dreams the warp sings like wheat ready for the front I am beginning to think I. harvest It is a siren song that draws me back to understand why some weavers at Sarah s. the loom to spend precious moments and hours chose to go with diagonal designs for. when I should be doing something else The song their workshop projects diagonals are. of the warp is filled with potential and magic fairly easy to make pretty Their. drawing my fingers and mind to unlock its weavings were superb by the way The. promise It is a pathway to things beyond this joints kind of disappear Verticals at least. physical plane to understanding the relationships for me are much harder to perfect So of. of all things to the Weaving that is Life course that will continue be the emphasis. I ve wondered what people truly want when on 3 of the 4 projects I think the key to. they seek out a cultural immersion workshop like good vertical joints has to be balance. Sarah Natani s close to Shiprock NM My within the weaver and lots of practice. observation is that many of us are seeking a The one on the back of the big loom will. transformational experience beyond the become a fuzzy blanket actually a small. mechanics of the method The trick to the fuzzy sit upon remember Girl Scouts. transformation we seek is already here within to pad my bony old butt while I weave. each of us See it s not REALLY the teacher or Apparently the weaving goes pretty fast. the location or even the observable lifestyle It s on the fuzzy blanket so it will be a source. the heart and soul connection to a higher way of of hope and comfort when it seems like. thinking feeling connecting that we yearn for If everything else will still be on a loom with. attending a workshop in the heart of Navajo Land inches to go a year from now. helps us access that part of ourselves that is,Sarah s daughter Tah Ni Baa told me. wonderful But if we neglect that newly discovered,that her Mom only let her weave stripes. Pathway once we ve left the place we will remain,for years She said that she thought it.
unsatisfied I think the key is to remember where,was boring at the time and couldn t. we ve been and where we wish to go and stick to,understand why she had to do the same. the Path once we ve returned to our normal,old thing time after time She also said. lives This is a very hard thing to do yet we will,that she is glad now that her Mom was so. reward ourselves immeasurably if we try The,tough about the stripes because it gave.
Warp and Weft of Existence is all around us and,her a good understanding of the fabric All. through us connecting each being in something,that practice was evidently well taken as. Higher and more Shining than the individual,Tah Ni Baa s current weavings are of a. strands that make up the Fabric of Life,quality and artistry beyond my wildest. On this plane I have two projects on looms aspirations as are those of her beautiful. and another ready to tie up on the back of the and talented Mom I look forward to the. big loom so I can work at the front OR back of next time I am privileged enough to tread. the big loom Also while the warping process is the Path of the Navajo Weaving Way in the. once more fresh in my menopausal brain set up a company of Sarah Natani and her family. permanent system to make the perfect length,In the meantime.
warp for that little loom and get something on it,Asht lo Deb Greer. immediately Then I ll have 4 weavings to play with. I weave the traditional Navajo Way Quarterly Newsletter of Ashtl Weaving Guild This morning it was still 30 degrees in Felton at 7 00 a m but right now the sun is shining brightly and it is warm not freezing I think Spring is peeking around the corner and I m saying Don t be shy Don t be shy I love this time of year when bulbs are stretching up out of the ground

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