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PAGE 2 November 26 2009,Obama Mullen send Thanksgiving messages. WASHINGTON President,Barack Obama and Adm,Mike Mullen chairman of the. Joint Chiefs of Staff released,Thanksgiving messages. It is Thanksgiving as a unique American tra,dition that binds us together as one people. each of us thankful for our common bless,ings the president said.
Obama added As we gather once again among loved ones let us also reach out to our neighbors and fellow. citizens in need of a helping hand This is a time for us to renew our bonds with one another and we can fulfill. that commitment by serving our communities and our nation throughout the year. In doing so we pay tribute to our country s men and women in uniform who set an example of service that. inspires us all Let us be guided by the legacy of those who have fought for the freedoms for which we give. thanks and be worthy heirs to the noble tradition of goodwill shown on this day. Mullen s Thanksgiving Day message, On behalf of the Mullen family I wish all of you serving in uniform today as well as your families a very. safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday, We certainly have much for which to be grateful Today due in no small measure to your dedication our na. tion indeed the world is a safer place to live All around the globe and in all manner of ways you stand. a vigilant watch From Afghanistan to Iraq and a thousand places in between you help ensure peace and. stability in places that have historically known neither Giving hope to those in need and pause to those who. threaten us you make sure the fight remains on the enemy s doorstep and that lives torn asunder by war and. natural disaster are restored and renewed,The people you have helped are grateful. Americans everywhere are grateful and I,am grateful for your service. We live in a country that doesn t force its,young men and women to pick up arms You.
do it willingly even eagerly not because you,enjoy danger or killing or sacrifice but rather. in spite of those things You and your families,serve and work so hard so that someday per. haps your children and grandchildren might,not have to That is the greatest gift you can. give a grateful nation,Again from my family to yours thank you for. all you do,PAGE 3 November 26 2009,Austin Police department visit Ironhorse.
By Pfc Bailey Jester report any observations they,1st BCT 1st Cav Div see to the commander. CAMP TAJI Police offi During their visit the po, cers from the Austin Police De lice officers were given the. partment visited the 1st Brigade opportunity to visit many dif. Combat Team 1st Cavalry Di ferent areas where the Iraqi. vision from Nov 13 to 21 Police and Iraqi Army are. For the past five years the closely involved with the sur. officers from the Austin Po rounding communities, lice Department have played The IA and IP that are vis. a key role preparing Fort ited by the police officers feel. Hood leaders for their com honored to have their units. plex mission in Iraq selected for these visits, The Austin Police provide Fuhr explains To them it s. specialized instruction on a big deal to have a chief and. community policing and pa his lieutenant from the U S. trolling in conflicted neigh over here visiting them. borhoods during the Aus The police officers pa, tin City Manager s course trolled through the commu.
Photo by Pfc Bailey Jester, which assists military leaders nity of Sha ab with the IP s. during the pre deployment who handed out water pu Capt Alex Aquino left of Little Rock Ark the com. training in Texas Assisting rifiers and food They also mander of Battery B 1st Battalion 82nd Field Artillery. Fort Hood s units with these had the opportunity to speak Regiment 1st Brigade Combat Team 1st Cavalry Divi. courses created a lasting re with a few adults about the sion discusses the relationship between the local Iraqi. lationship between them and increased security and stabil Police and residents with Fort Worth Texas native Chief. the Army post ity David Carter Chief of Staff at the Austin Police Depart. As a result of this relation During one part of their ment during a patrol of the Taji Market Nov 20. ship Sioux Falls S D na visit they visited Joint Se. tive Col Tobin Green com curity Station Rasheed where the Sheik Amir Iraqi Police The units we saw have. mander of the 1st BCT 1st Nashville Tenn native Jesse Commander Maj Thamir a great relationship with the. Cav Div invited the Austin Burchwell a civilian law en after patrolling the streets of local ISF said Deaton I m. Police Department to come to forcement professional gave Taji market impressed and will definitely. Baghdad to observe the inter the two officers a tour of an Although many shops were speak well of them in our. actions between the Iraqi Se Iraqi Army detainee holding closed and few people were class when we return. curity Forces local nationals cell on the streets it was still easy The goal of the visit was. and the U S Army It was interesting to see to see how the people react to to determine the most suc. Our mission is to see how how they handle their detain the ISF in the area Carter ex cessful ways to teach effec. the Iraqi authorities interact ees explained Carter It s plained tive policing skills to the ISF. with each other and the U S different from the way we do While we have been here but they learned as much as. Army said Fort Worth Tex it in the U S but it s effec we have learned as much they planned to teach Deaton. as native Chief David Carter tive for them about leadership as you can explained. Chief of Staff for the Austin After participating in these get said Deaton assigned We will definitely return. Police Department Once we events with the IA and IP the to the Austin Police Depart home and will have learned. are able to watch and analyze Austin Police officers sat and ment It won t be hard to something said Carter We. the relationship we will work talked with the Iraqi leaders talk positively about the ISF came looking to teach but in. from there to gain a better understanding over here in our classes stead we were taught. Green asked for the Austin of the local judicial system The experience the police This trip really helped us. police officers to observe the to get the ISF s opinion on officers gained from this 10 be able to see the way things. units most heavily involved the current policing system day trip to Baghdad will be are done through an Austin. with the Iraqi authorities and and their relationship with used in their city s manage lens and an Iraqi lens said. the community said North Po the U S forces ment course where policing Deaton It helps us better. tomac River Md native Maj I am really impressed is a key component The Aus our understandings of the. Daniel Fuhr the brigade s with the way the ISF work tin Police Department uses way things are done over here. civil military operations co with the people said Austin this course to prepare U S and to prepare us to teach the. ordinator After analyzing native Lt Stephen Deaton Army units for deployments units preparing to come over. their relationships they will during a conversation with Fuhr explained here. PAGE 4 November 26 2009,On This Day In History,November 26 1941. MND B Pic of the day,FDR establishes modern Thanksgiving. President Franklin D Roosevelt signs a bill officially establish. ing the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day. The tradition of celebrating the holiday on Thursday dates back. to the early history of the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colo. nies when post harvest holidays were celebrated on the weekday. regularly set aside as Lecture Day a midweek church meeting. where topical sermons were presented A famous Thanksgiving ob. servance occurred in the autumn of 1621 when Plymouth gover. nor William Bradford invited local Indians to join the Pilgrims in a. three day festival held in gratitude for the bounty of the season. Thanksgiving became an annual custom throughout New Eng. land in the 17th century and in 1777 the Continental Congress. declared the first national American Thanksgiving following the. Patriot victory at Saratoga In 1789 President George Washing. ton became the first president to proclaim a Thanksgiving holiday. when at the request of Congress he proclaimed November 26 a. Tuesday as a day of national thanksgiving for the U S Constitution Photo by Pfc Adam Halleck 1BCT PAO 1st Cav Div. However it was not until 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln CAMP TAJI Iraq Killeen Texas native Spc Ja. declared Thanksgiving to fall on the last Thursday of November. son Mottelang grabs a stack of water filters from a. truck during the stocking of a humanitarian goods,that the modern holiday was celebrated nationally. warehouse on Camp Taji Nov 21 The Soldiers, With a few deviations Lincoln s precedent was followed annu and their Iraqi counterparts will distribute water fil.
ally by every subsequent president until 1939 In 1939 Franklin D ters and blankets to residents of Taji in the coming. Roosevelt departed from tradition by declaring November 23 the weeks as they conduct humanitarian aid opera. next to last Thursday that year as Thanksgiving Day Considerable tions. controversy surrounded this deviation and some Americans refused. to honor Roosevelt s declaration For the next two years Roosevelt. repeated the unpopular proclamation but on November 26 1941. he admitted his mistake and signed a bill into law officially making Famous Feats of Chuck Norris. the fourth Thursday in November the national holiday of Thanks. giving Day Did you know,Chuck Norris,favourite cut. of meat is the,roundhouse,PAGE 5 November 26 2009,Quote For Today 3 Day. Weather Today Tomorrow Thursday,You ve got to get up every morning with. Report 64 F 46 F 64 F 46 F 64 F 44 F,determination if you re going to go to bed with. TRIVIA TIME,satisfaction, Which professional athlete was voted MVP in hockey 9 times dur.
George Lorimer ing the 1980 s,Last Issue s Answer UNITED STATES. Cav Round Up radio newscast available, MND B PAO 1 Soldiers of the 1434th En route clearance skills to Soldiers. BAGHDAD The Cav Round gineer Company 101st Eng Battal new to Iraq Sgt Stephanie Logue. Up is a three minute radio newscast ion 16th Eng Brigade train Iraqis Multi National Division Baghdad. from Baghdad covering military in the basic carpentry and electrical PAO. units and events across Multi Na skills Theses skills keep the streets. tional Division Baghdad They training is not all class safer. Today s Cav Round Up 206 room There is also practical exer NIPR LINK Cav Round Up. was produced by SGT Lisa Heise cises The engineers hope with this SIPR LINK Cav Round Up. MND B Public Affairs Office training the Iraqis can start building Check out more news at the 1st. This newscast includes the fol on their own 2 Task Force Iron Cavalry Division s homepage. lowing stories Claw Academy is teaching vital www hood army mil 1stcavdiv. Trigger s Teasers Yesterday s Answers, The objective of the game is to fill all the blank squares in a. game with the correct numbers There are three very simple. constraints to follow Every row of 9 numbers must include all. digits 1 through 9 in any order Every column of 9 numbers. must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order Every 3 by. 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1. Every Sudoku game begins with a number of squares already. filled in and the difficulty of each game is largely a function. of how many squares are filled in The more squares that are. known the easier it is to figure out which numbers go in the open. squares As you fill in squares correctly options for the remaining. squares are narrowed and it becomes easier to fill them in. Editor The Daily Charge is an authorized publication for members. of the U S Army Contents of The Daily Charge are not official. Spc Laura Johnson views of or endorsed by the U S Government Department. of the Army or the 1st Cavalry Division The appearance of. advertising in this publication including inserts or supplements. Multi National Division Baghdad Staff Writers does not constitute endorsement by the Department of the. Army the 1st Cavalry or The Daily Charge of the products and. 1st Lt Aaron Testa services advertised, Public Affairs Office Staff Sgt Mark Burrell All editorial content of The Daily Charge is prepared. Staff Sgt Nathan Hoskins edited provided and approved by the Multi National Division. Commanding General Baghdad Public Affairs Office,Staff Sgt April Mota.
Maj Gen Daniel Bolger Sgt Jennie Burrett,Do you have a story to share. The Daily Charge welcomes columns commentaries, Public Affairs Officer Sgt Jon Soles articles letters and photos from readers. Lt Col Philip Smith Spc Ruth McClary Submissions should be sent to the Public Affairs NCOIC. nicholas conner mnd b army mil and include author s name. Pfc Bailey Jester,Public Affairs Chief Pfc Adam Halleck. rank unit and contact information The Daily Charge reserves. the right to edit submissions selected for the paper. Master Sgt Nicholas Conner For further information on deadlines questions comments. or a request to be on our distribution list email the Editor at. in the 150th Armored Recon naissance Squadron 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team s area of operations Squadron Soldiers unloaded 100 meals as Saad Hawas Salim whose family runs the mosque and a few men from the market place helped stack the bags on the steps of the facility Salim s grandfather is the head of the mosque where the meals will be handed out after services there According to

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