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Assurance of Pardon,Passing of the Peace, One The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. All And also with you, Response May the Peace of Christ KIRISUTO NO HEIWA GA. 2008 2010 GIA Publications Inc Reproduced under Onelicense net 714069. WE PROCLAIM GOD S WORD,Old Testament Lesson Genesis 12 1 9 pew Bible p 9. New Testament Lesson Hebrews 10 24 25 11 1 8 pew Bible p 211. One The word of God for the people of God,All Thanks be to God. 10 15 A Time with Young Disciples, Following our time together children will return to the pews for the remainder of the service.
Sermon Get In Jim Ferry,Sacrament of the Lord s Supper Gloria Johnson. Invitation to the Table,Prayer of Thanksgiving,Sanctus Hymn 552 Holy Holy Holy LAND OF REST. Words of Institution, Memorial Acclamation Hymn 553 Christ Has Died Christ is Risen LAND OF REST. Serving of Bread and Cup, 8 15 10 15 Communion will be served by intinction The elders will stand at the four corners of the Sanctuary Ushers will direct you from the. side aisles to the station nearest you to receive the elements Return to your pew by way of the center aisle Those seated in the balcony and chancel. will begin Any who cannot come forward will be served in the pew. WE RESPOND TO GOD S WORD,Prayers of the People and The Lord s Prayer.
Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts. as we forgive our debtors and lead us not into temptation. but deliver us from evil, For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever Amen. All who are able may stand,Presentation of Tithes and Offerings. Offertory Reverie William Grant Still 1895 1978,Affirmation of Faith from A Declaration of Faith. We trust in God the Holy Spirit,everywhere the giver and renewer of life.
The same spirit who inspired the prophets and apostles. rules our life and faith in Christ through Scripture. engages us through the Word proclaimed,claims us in the waters of Baptism. feeds us with the bread of life and the cup of salvation. sets us free to accept ourselves and love God and neighbor. and calls women and men to all ministries of the Church. In a broken and fearful world the Spirit gives us courage. to pray without ceasing, to witness among all peoples to Christ as Lord and Savior. to unmask idolatries in Church and culture,to hear the voices of peoples long silenced. and to work with others for justice freedom and peace. In gratitude to God empowered by the Spirit, we strive to serve Christ in our daily tasks and to live holy and joyful lives. even as we watch for God s new heaven and new earth. praying Come Lord Jesus,WE GO IN GOD S NAME, Hymn 700 I m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me I M GONNA LIVE.
Charge and Benediction,Chiming of the Trinity, The worship service ends with the Chiming of the Trinity. Please be mindful of those who remain to listen to the postlude. Postlude All Glory Be to God on High Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau 1663 1712. Greeters 10 15 Sidney Bryan Diane Britt John Esham. Ushers 8 15 Tracey Hall DIC Ernie Simons Muriel Summers Roy Teel Bill Turner Linder Turner. 10 15 Gary Pendleton DIC Butch Gunnells Gail Gunnells Nancy Brawley Miriam Dorsey Tim Ellis. Service Assistant 10 15 Emily Logan,Shuttle Driver Tom Morrison. This summer we have preached through the many each other. and one another texts in the New Testament During Associate. Pastor Cate Church Norman s Installation service this spring. the Pastor of Durham Presbyterian Church Franklin Golden. read through all 59 of these and presented Cate with a piece of. art left depicting them They are as challenging as they are. beautiful Each of them serves as a snapshot of the behaviors. which can define Christian life We hope you found deep. meaning and authentic challenge in them as we encountered. many of them in our worship this summer,Morgan Riker artist. WELCOME TO WHITE MEMORIAL CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK,PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH PC USA. We are glad you are worshipping with us Sunday September 1 Genesis 12 1 9 Hebrews 10 24 25 11 1 8. Visiting Stop by the Welcome Table in, Jane Bell Gathering Space for information Worship Communion 8 15 Sanctuary.
directions and a friendly greeting 10 15 a m Sanctuary Integrated OnPoint 1704 Pickard Hall. New members are received after attending 9 30 a m Fellowship Time Pickard Hall. Believing Belonging WMPC Class, Visit whitememorial org join 1 00 p m Facilities Closed after Services. or contact Elizabeth Viohl at ext 206, for details class dates and registration Monday September 2 Psalm 58 Jeremiah 2 23 37 Hebrews 13 7 21. THINGS TO KNOW All Day Church Facilities Closed for Holiday. Shuttle buses run every Sunday at five to 7 00 p m Alcoholics Anonymous C100. ten minute intervals 8 45 a m 11 45 a m,from Carolina Place 2626 Glenwood Avenue. across from Glenwood Village Shopping Tuesday September 3 Psalm 58 Jeremiah 3 1 14 Titus 1 1 9. Center 7 00 a m Men s Breakfast Bible Study Geneva Hall. Restrooms are located on the first floor of the 9 30 a m Russia Etc Knitting Crocheting Group C200. Luther Building immediately behind the, sanctuary Jane Bell Gathering Space and Fit After Fifty Pickard Hall. across the street in the Calvin Building 3 00 p m Labyrinth Open for Walking Chapel. unless otherwise noted during our summer 6 00 p m StepUp Life Skills Program Dinner Geneva Hall. renovations, Childcare is available for children up to four StepUp Interest Meeting C301 Health Committee C203.
years old 7 00 p m Personnel Committee C204 Chancel Choir Rehearsal S300. Refreshments are served in Carol Copeland 7 30 p m Boy Scout Troop 395 Meeting Geneva Hall. Courtyard or Pickard Hall on Sundays at, The sanctuary has a loop hearing aid system Wednesday September 4 Psalm 58 Jeremiah 3 15 25 Luke 14 15 24. and an FM system 8 00 a m Clothing Closet W100,Live streamed services are at. whitememorial org 9 30 a m PW Bible Moderators Meeting W400. Radio WPTF 680 AM every other Sunday at 10 00 a m Chair Yoga C200. 11 00 a m next broadcast is September 8 4 15 p m Choir Welcome Information Carol Copeland Courtyard. Bulletins left in the sanctuary following, worship services are recycled as part of our 4 30 p m Cherub Choir L304 Carol Choir S300 Joyful Noise Choir K304. care for God s creation 5 00 p m Wednesday Spaghetti Dinner Pickard Hall. 6 15 p m Youth Band Rehearsal S300,6 30 p m Russia Mission Meeting C203. We are a Stephen Ministry congregation 6 45 p m OnPoint House Band Rehearsal S300. 7 00 p m Outreach Committee Meeting W400,8 00 p m Al Anon C100.
PASTORAL PROGRAM STAFF,CHRISTOPHER EDMONSTON PASTOR. ANDREW AMODEI EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Thursday September 5 Psalm 139 1 6 13 18 Jeremiah 15 10 21 Philippians 2 25 30. CYNTHIA BAGGETT DIR OF WEEKDAY SCHOOL 8 00 a m Labyrinth Open for Walking Chapel. LEVI BANNERMAN ASST DIR OF YOUTH MINISTRY 8 30 a m PW Meet and Greet Weekday School Moms Geneva Hall. GENEVIEVE BROOKS DIR OF YOUTH MINISTRY, CATE CHURCH NORMAN ASSOC PASTOR FOR 9 30 a m Lilies of the Field C301. PASTORAL CARE 10 45 a m Keenagers C200, TRACEY DANIEL ASSOC PASTOR FOR FAITH 12 00 a m Keenagers Lunch Geneva Hall. BROCK DOWNWARD DIR OF MUSIC EMERITUS 5 30 p m T ai Chi for Exercise Pickard Hall. JIM FERRY PARISH ASSOCIATE 7 00 p m STARS Adult Drama Group C200 Allocations Committee W400. KELLY GOLD DIR OF CHILDREN S AND 7 30 p m Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal S300 Webelo Scouts K304. YOUTH MUSIC,KIRSTEN HOMDROM ASSOC DIR OF MUSIC, KATHY HOWELL COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Friday September 6 Psalm 139 1 6 13 18 Jeremiah 16 14 17 4 Colossians 4 7 17. GLORIA JOHNSON ASSOC PASTOR FOR 9 30 a m Fit After Fifty Pickard Hall. LINDA NUNNALLEE STEPUP DIRECTOR 8 00 p m Alcoholics Anonymous C100. CHIP POPE ASSOC PASTOR FOR YOUTH, AND THEIR FAMILIES Saturday September 7 Psalm 139 1 6 13 18 Jeremiah 17 14 27 Matthew 10 34 42.
1704 OBERLIN RD RALEIGH NC 27608 P 919 834 3424 WHITEMEMORIAL ORG. Joys CONCERNS SUMMER WORSHIP SCHEDULE, PRAYERS AND CHRISTIAN CONCERNS TO Sunday September 1. Kathy Mark Sarah and Martin Volcjak on the death of Kathy s father Holiday Worship Schedule. Frederick Kicklighter Sessions August 14 Topsail Beach NC with communion. 8 15 Sanctuary,10 15 Sanctuary Integrated OnPoint,Families are invited to worship together. all summer Our Children s Sunday School,classes are taking a break until September 8. Nursery care will be available for babies and,children through age 4. Schedule of four worship services,resumes on Sunday September 8.
If you have experienced a birth marriage or death you want to share with the church email Rebecca. Turner at rturner whitememorial org If you have a relative or church friend who is hospitalized call the. church office or email Amy Claprood at aclaprood whitememorial org so our pastoral staff can reach out. If you have a pastoral care need outside of regular business hours call our after hours pastor on call at. 919 605 4593,WELCOME JUDY YATES SIKER, SUMMER PREACHING SERIES On September 1 join us in welcoming. Judy Yates Siker Parish Associate,WITH ONE ANOTHER. Working part time like Jim Ferry,she will provide member and hospital. Sunday June 30 Sunday August 4,visitations home communion etc She. Submit to one another Encourage each other will also be involved with worship teaching and special. out of reverence for Christ Build each other up services and assist Cate Church Norman in planning spiritual. Ephesians 5 21 I Thessalonians 5 11 programs at WMPC Judy is an ordained PCUSA minister. and recently retired professor of New Testament She is. Sunday July 7 Sunday August 11,Forgiving each other Be patient bearing with one.
a published author whose most recent publication Who. Ephesians 4 32 another in love is Jesus What a Difference a Lens Makes was the 2016 17. Ephesians 4 2 Bible Study for Presbyterian Women across the U S She is. Sunday July 14 married to Jeffrey Siker and they have five children and three. Offer hospitality to one Sunday August 18 grandchildren Welcome Judy. another without grumbling Accept one another then,I Peter 4 9 just as Christ accepted you. Romans 15 7 THE ASCENT OF ISRAEL,Sunday July 21 FROM TRIBAL CHAOS TO. Love one another Sunday August 25,1 John 4 7 4 11 4 12 Honor one another. UNITED MONARCHY,above yourselves will be the fall study for the. Sunday July 28 Romans 12 10 Christian Fellowship Class The. Confess your sins Live in harmony books of Judges through Samuel. to each other with one another will be covered in lecture with detailed handouts beginning. Pray for each other Romans 12 16, September 8 All visitors are welcome For questions contact.
James 5 16, Sunday September 1 Bill Jackson at 919 876 9641 or wmjackson bellsouth net. Spur one another on,toward love and good deeds,Hebrews 10 24. WMPC Volume LIII No 35 September 1 2019 WORSHIP EMBRACE SERVE. WEEKLY YOUTH,EMAIL NEWSLETTER,Contact Deb Smith at. dsmith whitememorial org,to receive our weekly email. KICKOFF SUNDAY FALL RETREATS,SEPTEMBER 8 High School Beach Retreat.
Confirmation Kick Off September 28 29 in,8th grade students parents Morehead City. 9 30 10 30 a m Email Deb to be placed on,in Geneva Hall waitlist. Confirmation Middle School Fall Retreat,Commissioning October 4 6 at Camp Kanata. 11 00 a m in OnPoint Online Registration open,Youth Ministry Kick Off. 5 00 7 00 p m in Pickard Hall SUPPORT FOR,All parents and youth OUR YOUTH.
6th 12th grades are invited 6th Grade Sunday,Bring your calendar School Teachers Needed. The Youth Education,LOOKING AHEAD Team is seeking a team of. adults to serve as teachers,Confirmation Day Retreat. September 29 and assistants once a month,9 30 a m 3 p m in our 6th Grade Class If you. Gather in C 100 to depart would be willing to,All 8th graders hear more about this.
Confirmation Mentors important role please,contact Melanie Biddell or. Lynn Ashby, DID YOU GET YOUR MEMBER LOGIN SHOW UP AND SERVE LET S DO LUNCH. Please mark your calendar for Show Up and Serve on. INFORMATION September 7 We will be stuffing envelopes for FIGS on. On August 25 you should have received an email from CCB. campus during our regular 10 12 time slot AND we will be. Church Community Builder with your activation code By. preparing for a Dress For Success Fundraiser at their location. activating your account you will have access to our new. on Tillery Place Contact Julie Nau at nauj bellsouth net with. improved church database We encourage you to activate. your account by Kickoff Sunday September 8 If you did. not receive an email on August 25 check your spam folder. If you have any questions please call the church office at. 919 834 3424 and ask for Elizabeth Viohl or Colleen Aguirre. You can also view a tutorial on how to set up your personal. information by visiting www whitememorial org member login. September 1 2019 8 15 amp 10 15 a m WE GATHER TO WORSHIP Today we celebrate the Lord s Supper Gluten free wafers are available in the narthex and Jane Bell Gathering Space Greeting Karl Zinsmeister One The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all All And also with you One Let us prepare for worship Preparation for Worship Merciful God you brought us from the rest of last night

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