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Study Group 13 Mandate, Per Res 2 Future networks including CC mobile and NGNs. studies relating to the requirements architectures capabilities and mechanisms of future. studies relating to service awareness data awareness environmental awareness and socio. economic awareness of future networks,Responsibility. studies relating to cloud computing technologies such as virtualization resource management. reliability and security, studies relating to network aspects of Internet of things IoT and network aspects of mobile. telecommunication networks including IMT and IMT Advanced wireless Internet mobility. management mobile multimedia network functions internetworking and enhancements to. existing ITU T Recommendations on IMT, studies relating to NGN IPTV enhancements including requirements capabilities architectures. and implementation scenarios deployment models and coordination across study groups. SDN study by Resolution 77,Perspectives of SG13, SG13 has pioneered to investigate new technologies and.
incorporate them into new networks in terms of functional. requirements architectures and mechanisms, As NGN is almost done SG13 is undergoing a transition to. new study topics as IMT2020 softwareized network aspects. non radio related and vertical subjects like eNGN Cloud. Computing SDN, Collaboration with other SDO s that have worked with ITU T. in the development of network standards should be,strengthened for future study. SG13 Overview, SG13 Future networks including cloud computing mobile and next. generation networks,Lead SG on,future networks,mobility management and NGN.
cloud computing, SDN Software Defined Networking request approved by TSAG. meeting of June 2013, Prepared to become also lead study group on IMT2020 5G non. radio aspects, Participants in general about 190 delegates from more then 35. countries with more than 200 contributions,SG13 Working Parties. WP Chairmen,WP Title Questions,WP Vicechairmen,Yoshinori GOTO and Heyuan XU.
1 NGN e and IMT 1 2 3 4 5 Simon BUGABA Konstantin,Cloud Computing and Huilan LU and Jamil CHAWKI. 2 Common Capabilities Ahmed Al RAGHY,C4 Mohammed AL RAMSI. Hyoung Jun KIM and Gyu Myoung LEE,SDN and Networks 11 12 13. of Future 14 15 16,Alojz HUDOBIVNIK Maurice GHAZAL. SG13 Questions under Study, 1 13 Service scenarios deployment models and migration issues based on convergence services.
2 13 Requirements for NGN evolution NGN e and its capabilities including support of IoT and use of software defined. networking, Note All IoT related studies are now moved to SG20. 3 13 Functional architecture for NGN evolution NGN e including support of IoT and use of software defined networking. Note All IoT related studies are now moved to SG20. 4 13 Identification of evolving IMT systems and beyond. 5 13 Applying IMS IMT and other new technologies in developing country mobile telecom networks. 6 13 Requirements and mechanisms for network QoS enablement including support for software defined networking. 7 13 Deep packet inspection in support of service application awareness in evolving networks. 8 13 MERGED REMOVED, 9 13 Mobility management including support for software defined networking. 10 13 Coordination and management for multiple access technologies Multi connection. 11 13 Evolution of user centric networking services and interworking with networks of the future including Software Defined. Networking,12 13 Distributed service networking, 13 13 Requirements mechanisms and frameworks for packet data network evolution. 14 13 Software Defined Networking and Service aware networking of future networks. 15 13 Data aware networking in future networks, 16 13 Environmental and socio economic sustainability in future networks and early realization of FN. 17 13 Requirements ecosystem and general capabilities for cloud computing and big data. 18 13 Cloud functional architecture infrastructure and networking. 19 13 End to end Cloud computing management and security. Focus Group IMT2020,Established by ITU T Study Group 13 in May 2015.
Identification of network standardization requirements. for the 5G development non radio network,perspective. Delivery of gap analysis of IMT2020 in December 2015. in order to identify the relevant scope of ITU T,Recommendations on the fixed network of IMT 2020. December 2015 Extension of life time by SG13 until end. of 2016 with new ToR,Recommendations Supplements, Approved since beginning of current Study Period 69 Recs and 6. Supplements,Big Data 1,Cloud Computing 9,Emergency Communications 3 security 3. FMC Mobile 10,NGN e NGN NICE 7,PTDN 2SDN 2,Collaboration with other groups.
Cloud Computing, 2 collaborative teams for common text with ISO IEC JTC1 SC38 completed July. Joint Rapporteur Group with SG2 on Cloud Computing Management. JCA Cloud CC Roadmap, SG13RG AFR has cloud computing beside FN as part of its mandate. Software Defined Networking,JCA SDN SDN Roadmap,Internet of Things IoT. All IoT related activities transferred to new SG20 at December 2015. Q 174X series development in coordination with ITU R WP5D and. collaboration with 3GPP and 3GPP2,Continuation in Connecting clouds. Cloud traffic one third of total data center,traffic by 2015 Cisco.
ITU T approved 10 Recommendations,Requirements Y 3501 Y 3503. Vocabulary Y 3500 reference,architecture Y 3502 both. developed in collaboration with,ISO IEC JTC1,Inter cloud Y 3511. Management Y 3520,Security X 1601,New WI s related to aviation cloud and big. data in preparation,Push Big Data, Because of the v s characteristics big data technologies and services allow to resolve many new.
challenges and also create new opportunities than ever before. Heterogeneity and incompleteness, Data processed using big data technologies can miss some attributes or introduce noise in data. transmission Even after data cleaning and error correction some incompleteness and some. errors in data are likely to remain, Managing large and rapidly increasing volumes of data is a challenging issue for data processing. In the past the data scale challenge was mitigated by evolution of processing and storage. resources But now data volumes are scaling faster than resources evolve. Timeliness, The acquisition rate and timeliness to effectively find elements in limited time that meet a. specified criterion in a large dataset are new challenges faced by data processing. Data about human individuals such as demographic information internet activities. commutation patterns social interactions energy or water consumption are being collected and. analysed for different purposes Big data technologies and services are challenged to protect. personal identities and sensitive attributes of data throughout the whole data processing. Amplify Future Networks by,specific focus on IMT2020. Future Networks FN definition vision goals requirements and. capabilities identification schemes service universalization Y 3000. series already applicable on 5G, Establishment of FG IMT2020 for identification of non radio related.
standardization work for 5G IMT2020,In addition, SDN definition framework requirements capabilities high level. architecture and functional architecture the latter under. development Y 3300 series,Virtualization,Softwarization. Ramp up Trust in ICT,Social profile of the modern society has. Social life ICT technologies and physical,world are interrelated now. Trust facilitates the development of,knowledge that contributes to the well being.
of the whole society Work in progress in,SG13 correspondence group on trust CG. Generic ICT trust conseptual,Trust draft Technical Report and. Draft Recommendation Y trusted env by,Q16 13 on basic principles of trusted. environment creation It also attempted to,deliver a definition of trusted environment in. SG13 chairman s view on new study group,structure for next study period.
Upcoming Events 2016,SG13 rapporteur group meeting 18 April 28 April. 2016 Geneva,SG13 meeting 29 April 2016 Geneva,SG13 meeting 27 June 8 July 2016 Geneva. Focus Group IMT2020 meeting 17 May 20 May,2016 Beijing. Contact Dr Leo Lehmann Chairman SG13,Leo Lehmann ties itu int. Tatiana Kurakova Counceller SG13,Tatiana Kurakova itu int.
11 13 Evolution of user centric networking services and interworking with networks of the future including Software Defined Networking 12 13 Distributed service networking 13 13 Requirements mechanisms and frameworks for packet data network evolution 14 13 Software Defined Networking and Service aware networking of future networks 15 13 Data

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