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The International over 800 Georgian and foreign performers pub. lished the books of proceedings of all previous, Research Center for forums that of the 6th symposium will have been. Traditional Polyphony issued for the start of the 7th symposium and each. participant scholar will receive a copy released, Is 10 Years Old 14 volumes of the Center s Bulletin realized a. number of projects including the publication of 16. In 2013 the International research Center CDs of wax cylinder collections existing in Geor. for Traditional Polyphony of Tbilisi state Conser gia together with Vienna Fonogrammarchiv. vatoire turned 10 years old 2006 2008 prepared and published the collec. Creation of the Center was decided at the tion of essays Echoes From Georgia 17 argu. 1st International Symposium on Traditional Po ments on Georgian Polyphony published by. lyphony in 2002 on the initiative of Georgian and Nova Science Publishers in New York in 2010. Western scholars including the world renowned At the moment the songs recorded from Georgian. ethnomusicologists such as Izaly Zemtsovsky WWI prisoners is being prepared for publication. USA Russia Dieter Christensen USA Simha together with Berlin Phonogramm archiv etc. Arom France Franz Foedermayr Austria Jo,seph Jordania Georgia Australia and others and. with UNESCO support Mrs Noriko Aikawa,the then Director of the Intangible cultural Sec. tion of UNESCO was among the guests of the,Symposium UNESCO s interest was the echo of.
its proclamation of Georgian Polyphonic Singing,a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage. of Humanity in 2001 I remember Mr Aikawa s,amazement and delight on seeing the reaction of. the audience to Georgian folk song at the sympo,sium concerts at the Grand Hall of Tbilisi State. Conservatoire As she mentioned on the stage she,saw not the cultural rudiment but live tradition. which Georgian community takes as the ances Team of IRCTP. tors heritage and source for its identity and so it. deserves to be supported The Center has done much other work. This made it possible to realize the joint too In my opinion its most significant achieve. big budget project of UNESCO and Japanese ment is that our symposia have made Georgian. Funds in trust Safeguarding and Promotion of ethnomusicologists direct participants of the. Georgian Polyphony in 2003 2006 The practical world ethnomusicological processes as this forum. work functioning of choir leaders schools in has become one of the most prestigious platforms. various regions of the country was carried out by where Georgian and Western scholars discuss the. the International Centre for Georgian Folk Song problems of world polyphony and the distin. directed by Anzor Erkomaishvili the second part guished place of Georgian polyphony in this con. of the budget was intended for the technical text, equipment of our Center organization of field If from the 1970s Georgian polyphonic.
expeditions publications creation of the Center s singing was slowly conquering our planet to say. Web Site and Online Database This was the start nothing of Chakrulo included into golden disc. of the Center s fruitful cooperation with of the achievements of the world civilization and. UNESCO followed by my collaboration as of an launched to the galaxy on board of the spaceships. expert in intangible cultural heritage with this in by the United States NASA program the knowl. ternational organization edge about it was counter proportional to this. During 10 years the International Re popularity Until recently only few scholars out. search Center for Traditional Polyphony has car side Georgia had idea about it Thanks to our Cen. ried out great job held five II VI international ter s symposia the opinion about the local origin. symposia on traditional polyphony now we are diversity of its styles and forms of Georgian po. preparing for the 7th symposium to be held on 22 lyphony was acknowledged by foreign scientists. 26 September 2014 hosted over 80 scholars they admit that Georgia is a unique country. from more than 20 countries of the world among where on a small territory all types of polyphony. the participants of the symposia concerts were, are encountered and for this it has been attributed who created and transmitted this magnificent. distinguished place in contemporary world treasure to us. Besides the center is doing its best to re I would also like to remember with grati. gain the leadership in the study of the Caucasian tude those who supported and contributed to the. musical cultures For this reason a special session creation of the basis for the foundation of such. of the symposium has been dedicated to this center in Georgia Alexandre Shaverzashvili who. theme since 2010 and the Center s field expedi actively supported the idea of holding the first. tion recorded unique ethnographic musical audio International Conference on Polyphony in Tbilisi. and video material from local Chechen Kist popu Giya Kancheli through whose support the Bor. lation in the Pankisi Gorge of Georgia this will jomi Conferences acquired International mean. initiate the comparative study of Georgian ing Edisher Garaqanidze who was the leading. Caucasian musical cultures at our Center force for the concerts of Georgian song at the. In short we have many plans now the Conferences and Manana Doijashvili whose sup. most important is to have sufficient human re port was crucial for the foundation of the Center. sources for their realization Our small team be I would like to make particular mention of the de. lieves that we are doing significant and useful voted and successful work of Rusudan Tsurtsumia. job I would like to thank all without whose sup Head of the Center during these 10 years. port we would not have been able to do so much The study of the polyphony problems is one of the. Georgian Ministry of Culture and Monuments leading spheres in today s ethnomusicology The. Protection Administration of Tbilisi State Con Conferences are held and books and collections. servatoire and of course our team members are published in Austria Russia Estonia Taiwan. Maia Kachkachishvili Maka Khardziani Ketevan Portugal the ICTM study group on Multipart. Baiahvili Nino Razmadze and Teona Lomsadze Music has been created the fact that multi part. as well as Tamaz Gabisonia who spent all 10 singing is not only an amazing cultural phenome. years with us and now continues his activities at non but also the powerful symbol of the harmoni. Ilia State University ous cooperation between peoples is gradually be. Our special gratitude to Joseph Jordania ing considered I can audaciously declare that. the world renowned Georgian ethnomusicologist our conferences and symposia as well as the exis. currently residing in Australia who as Head of the tence of our Center gave impetus to all this. Center s International Bureau is actively involved Together with all the country I am proud. in our everyday activity thanks to modern means that Georgia holds leading place in the study of. of communication and plays key role in the ex multipart singing and I once again congratulate. pansion of our international connections the International Research Center for traditional. polyphony and its team with the 10th anniversary, Rusudan Tsurtsumia and wish them further success to acquire many. Director of the IRCTP new foreign friends and train many young Geor. gian ethnomusicologists,Joseph Jordania,I congratulate the. International Re,search Center for,Traditional Polyph. ony with the 10th an Time flies fast,niversary I would Becoming ten.
like to deliver con years older we,gratulations to all recollect the very. Georgian ethnomusi beginning of the,cologists and musi International Re. cologists Tbilisi State Conservatoire and entire search Center for. Georgia as it fills me with pride to have the lead Traditional Po. ing research Center such as this lyphony at Tbilisi. Greatest factor in the foundation of the State Conserva. Center was the amazing phenomenon called toire that is sud. Georgian traditional polyphony Our cordial denly ten years. gratitude to our ancestors the glorious people young now Con. gratulations We re well aware of how it has been,successfully working internationally organizing. unique Symposia on Traditional Polyphony and,publishing its fundamental bilingual proceedings. but we would love to learn more about their inter,nal work dedicated to the utmost typological de.
scription and mapping of the phenomenal wealth,of Georgian polyphony today. Let polyphony prevail in music and in,thinking about music Long live our belo. ved multipart child,Izaly Zemtsovsky USA Russia,I would like to briefly but deeply express all my. gratitude for the musical support and the warm, friendship of all the people that integrate the In. ternational Research Center for Traditional Po, The existence of lyphony I think the symposia held by them has.
the International very big value for all of us so I want to make a. Research Center toast for the most successful future Thanks for all. for Traditional and congratulations Gaumarjos,Polyphony is of. great importance,to all people con Polo Vallejo Spain. cerned with any,aspect of oral po,lyphony in past,and present The. Symposia taking,place every two,years give unique 10 years ago Inter. opportunity to national Research, meet colleagues from different countries and ex Center for Tradi.
change ideas as well as individual experiences tional Polyphony. and the Centre s publications are of great use for started its work on. all of us high tone and not, Many congratulations to Professors reduced its height. Rusudan Tsurtsumia and Joseph Jordania and to during all these. the staff in charge of this wonderful institution years The Center. Happy Birthday and Long Life to offers great opportu. the International Research Center for Traditional nities for scientific. Polyphony acquaintance to, modern studies of folk multipart singing in differ. Simha Arom France ent regions of the globe For those involved in the. work of its symposia this is an invaluable experi,ence Personally I am grateful to the Center for. the fact that my modest contribution to world,Bank data about folk polyphony was due to the. hard work of this small scientific community I, wish to the colleagues and friends from the Center.
great success in their own research health and,Mikhail Lobanov Russia. 03 10 2013 Nicolas Elias delivered public lec, News ture At the Door of the Caucasus The Music of. Ethnomusicological life of Georgia the Pontic Mountains at Tbilisi State Conserva. June December 2013 12 10 2013 Ensemble Sakhioba participated. in the cognitive concert of chant and song in the, Festivals and conferences village of Arali Akhaltsikhe District Photo and. Video projection held as part of the concert fa, July 2013 Traditional Festival ArtGeni with miliarized local youth with old Georgian singer. the participation of regional and Tbilisi folk col chanters their activities and history of chant tran. lectives scription, 14 15 07 2013 First Festival of Chant and Folk 08 11 2013 Presentation of the Liturgy Educa.
Song at the Dadiani Palace in Zugdidi as part of tional Disc was held at the Hall of M. the festival ensemble Didgori participated in the Berdzenishvili s Art Centre Muza among the. festive liturgy at Zugdidi cathedral church participants of the concert were folk ensembles. 04 09 2013 16th International Festival of Church from Gori Telavi Lanchkhuti Ozurgeti Chok. Music in Riga Latvia with the participation of hatauri and Tbilisi. Georgian folk ensemble Didgori 15 11 2013 Ilia State University organized the. 17 09 2013 Folk celebration dedicated to the lecture Coptic Liturgical Music Orthodox. 165th anniversary from Al Qazbegi s birth with Christian Music Culture of Dr Magdalena Kuhn. the participation of local and guest Tbilisi folk Dutch musician and researcher at Ligamus. collectives bookshop in Tbilisi, 28 29 09 2013 Khobi 7th International Festival 16 17 11 2013 ensemble Sakhioba and Mama. Song of Samegrelo presentation of the book Daviti Church choir directed by Malkhaz Erk. Dalai to Vakhtang Rodonaia was held as part of vanidze held chanting seminar at Martvili Centre. the festival of Culture Chqondidi Diocese dedicated to the. 06 10 2013 First Festival of Traditional Beer in history of Georgian Chant the problems of its. Tbilisi Mtatsminda Park among the participants recurrence to Divine Liturgy. of the festival concert were ensembles November 2013 Ensemble Basiani was con. Sakhioba Didgori Nanina Lagusheda ferred the status of State ensemble by the Geor. and Dziriani gian Ministry of Culture, 12 20 10 2013 Festival of Kakhetian song was November 2013 Anchiskhati Church Choir. held as part of the NewNadimi Art Festival in released the anniversary CD Nadi. Telavi November 2013 Nino Kalandadze Makharadze, 29 31 10 2013 Gigi Garaqanidze 8th Festival and led trainings in Georgian folk music for secondary. Conference of Church and Folk Music in Batumi school teachers at the Centre for Teachers Pro. 5 6 12 2013 The Teaching Scientific Institute of fessional Development of the Georgian Ministry. Ethnology of I Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Univer of Education. sity and Department of Georgian Ethnology of the 26 11 2013 Presentation of the Book Three. Polyphony B U L L E T I N Ch Georgian Folk Song Scientific Conference of Folk and Church Music Tbilisi December 2013 15 International Research Center for Traditional Polyphony is 10 Years Old The News Ethnomusicological Life in Georgia Foreign Ethnomusicologists Dieter Christensen New Nadimi Festival of Traditional Art in Telavi Foreign Musical Folklore Traditional Polyphony of the

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